Introducing EY TaxChat™

EY TaxChat is an on-demand, mobile tax preparation service that connects individuals with EY professionals in an easy-to-use online environment. It makes filing tax returns simple, fast and reliable – no appointments, paper documents or complicated tax software needed.

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Using EY TaxChat couldn’t be simpler

A seamless digital journey makes it easy to become an EY client. Download the app or visit the EY TaxChat website to register, answer a few questions and upload tax documents. A dedicated EY tax professional takes care of the rest, available to answer any queries directly through the Chat function. Once completed, you can view and digitally approve your tax return for submission to HM Revenue & Customs – all directly within EY TaxChat.

What EY teams can do for you

EY TaxChat takes the guess work out of tax, connecting you to EY tax professionals who help you file your tax return with minimal effort and maximum confidence. Receive a personalised fee quote by answering some basic questions and get started today.


EY TaxChat is an ideal solution for those who appreciate:

  • Convenience: Accessible anytime, anywhere, through the EY TaxChat app or online. Share your data by taking a photo, uploading documents or directly entering it – the choice is yours.
  • Insight: Connect directly with a dedicated, knowledgeable EY tax professional and gain a better understanding of tax – all within the secure EY TaxChat platform.
  • Versatility: Life changes and events, such as getting married, having a child or buying a rental property, can mean changes to your tax affairs. EY TaxChat is ideal for people with questions about tax who want to ensure they are compliant and tax-efficient.
  • Value: EY TaxChat delivers convenience and quality service at a reasonable cost. With more than 20 years’ experience in tax preparation for thousands of clients, EY teams provide a cohesive tax compliance service to meet your needs.

EY teams work with organisations to help make individual tax return filing easier for their customers and employees. To learn more about how EY TaxChat can bring value to your business, please contact us.


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