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Navigating the US and UK tax systems is a challenge. Managing the interaction of both jurisdictions benefits greatly from having ‘dual handler’ tax advisors, supported by US and UK subject-matter professionals.

The US/UK Cross Border Tax Services team, formerly EY Frank Hirth, is the largest group of US and UK personal, trust and family tax professionals in the UK. Collectively, the team provides an enhanced US and UK tax and compliance practice, with market-leading client service and global reach.

Whether you are a private individual, trustee, business owner or entrepreneur, we offer a holistic approach to tax and compliance based on your personal and business goals, and provide a solution that helps you achieve your ambitions.

  • Tax advice and reporting services for individuals

    US/UK Cross Border Tax Services tax advisors are both US and UK tax qualified, and experienced in advising with respect to international tax issues impacting clients, and their families.

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    Our individual UK private client tax services are provided through both the Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) and the US/UK Cross Border Tax Services teams. We work collaboratively and provide the most appropriate professionals to support you.

    If your requirements concern only UK tax matters, learn more about our UHNW team.

  • Trusts, Estates and Family services (US connected)

    We provide advisory and compliance services to private clients and trustees, who must consider US and UK tax as a part of their current situation or future planning.

    Our US and UK tax professionals are experienced in offering trustees, settlors, beneficiaries and their families bespoke advice on tax-efficient solutions for bequeathing assets, as well as uniting and dividing wealth in the event of a marriage or a divorce.

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  • Funds and Partnerships services (US connected)

    Our US and UK professionals advise on tax issues for individuals within partnerships, such as private equity, hedge funds and US law firms.

    In recent years, there have been many changes in the UK and US tax rules, impacting individuals who are treated as partners. Such changes have especially impacted those connected to the fund and asset management industry, as well as those working in more traditional partnerships, such as law firms. Ensuring tax compliance, as well as providing all participants and investors with reliable and useful tax reporting information, has become more complex — but also necessary.

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  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (US connected)

    We can help navigate the US and UK tax complexities of individuals having an interest in a business — particularly, where a US person holds an interest in a non-US business — as this can present real challenges and inefficiencies if not managed appropriately.

    When advising an individual or a business, the way in which the US imposes tax can differ significantly from the UK. Therefore, it is crucial to take clear, helpful advice on how the systems interact — if there is exposure in both countries. This needs professional advice with an awareness of both systems.

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  • Private Tax Services

    Thoughtfully structuring and managing your tax affairs is more important than ever. Working with an advisor who understands the complex range of tax matters impacting your business operations and your personal agenda is paramount.

    EY Private Tax brings together tax and business advisors who share a passion for supporting your ambitions and needs.

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