Analysis of UK Profit Warnings: Sector Insights

Every quarter, we provide the latest sector insights from our Profit Warnings analysis, delving deep into two specific sectors and the challenges facing the companies and stakeholders alike.  

For Q4 2019, we look at the FTSE Retail sector as well as the FTSE Industrial Support Services sector, analysing the headwinds facing both. 

  • FTSE Retailers

    Yet another challenging year

    Weak consumer confidence, intense competition and ongoing structural change made 2019 another deeply challenging year in UK Retail

    Profit warnings q4 infographics_warnings and restructuring dominate 2019
    Christmas highlights divide

    The post-Christmas reporting period once again underlines the stark contrast between retailers with a compelling, differentiated proposition and those that fail to capture consumers’ loyalty.

  • FTSE Industrial Support Services

    FTSE Industrial Support Services companies issued ten profit warnings in Q4 2019, the highest quarterly total since Q3 2017. High levels of uncertainty created a decision hiatus, hitting recruitment companies especially hard.

    Profit warnings q4 infographics delayed decisions hit earnings forecasts
    Discipline is the watchword in 2020

    Disciplined leadership will help companies in the FTSE Industrial Support Services navigate through what looks be a year of opportunity, but also continuing turbulence.

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