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Featured How to sell a travel business when no one is travelling
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    Energy and resources

    Why Eastern Europe is stepping up a gear in the drive for net zero

    RECAI 58: Innovative and ambitious routes to becoming low carbon economies are needed if the EU is to achieve its 2050 emissions target.

    12 Oct 2021 Jarosław Wajer


    How will decentralized finance shake up your industry?

    Decentralized finance is a fundamental shift in how financial transactions happen. Learn more.

    1 Oct 2021


    Why omni-capable supply chains are needed in a changing customer world

    Retailers have new complexity to address, and manufacturers have new reasons to enter sales channels on their own. Here’s what to consider.

    29 Sep 2021 Matthew Burton


    Why private companies need flexibility to grasp opportunities

    CFOs need adaptability, willingness to take calculated risks, and an understanding of new technology to capitalize on the upcoming economic rebound.

    29 Sep 2021 Randall Tavierne


    How to unlock the benefits of a sustainable sourcing strategy

    The business case for a value-led sustainable sourcing is compelling. This article details six priorities for CPOs to bear in mind when developing their sourcing strategy.

    6 Sep 2021 Gustav Mauer

    How UK travel preferences are evolving since COVID-19

    Dramatic changes in travelling behaviours by UK consumers present both opportunities and challenges for service providers and Government.

    25 Aug 2021 David Borland

    The CEO Imperative: How to factor geopolitics into technology strategy

    The EY CEO Imperative Study reveals a crucial gap in CEOs’ understanding of how geopolitical risks will impact their digital agendas.

    13 Sep 2021 Courtney Rickert McCaffrey

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