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    Government and Public Sector

    How can digital government connect citizens without leaving the disconnected behind?

    Without a deeper understanding of people’s relationships with technology, governments risk disconnecting as many citizens as they connect.

    24 Feb 2021 Arnauld Bertrand

    Diversity and inclusiveness

    Gender equality: Is now the time to go further, faster?

    Gender equality is part of the solution to many of the world’s most complex issues.

    4 Mar 2021 Julie Linn Teigland

    Climate change and sustainability

    Why it’s a defining moment for climate change – and the time to act is now

    As action on climate change becomes ever more pressing, EY is rising to the challenge and helping others to do the same.

    25 Jan 2021 Hywel Ball

    Power and utilities

    How an ambitious decarbonisation plan will lead to a net zero future

    The future of the UK power market will be dictated by the Government’s ability to deliver a balanced but ambitious decarbonisation plan.

    26 Jan 2021 Anthony Legg


    How the UK Budget can bridge the gap to a post-COVID-19 economy

    In the upcoming UK Budget, EY ITEM Club predicts a balance of phasing-out of government support schemes with bolstering the post-COVID recovery

    28 Feb 2021 Hywel Ball

    If consumers hold the key to a greener future, how can energy companies unlock it?

    In this report, we explore the survey results of over 2,000 UK energy consumers, revealing their attitudes and behaviours towards sustainability.

    27 Jan 2021 Rob Doepel

    How the UK economy can stay resilient into the post-pandemic future

    EY ITEM Club has improved its estimate of the UK’s economic performance in 2020 – and forecasts a rebound in growth over the next two years

    28 Jan 2021 Hywel Ball

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