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Featured How to realize the full potential of ESG+ 7 Jul 2021
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    Can business trade tomorrow on today’s strategies?

    New research reveals the confidence and capability of business in addressing international trade concerns.

    28 Jun 2021 Sally Jones


    Fashioning a sustainable future for an online clothing retailer

    EY teams have helped fashion retailer ASOS to identify opportunities to unlock value, making it more resilient and better prepared for the future.

    21 Jun 2021 Mona Bitar


    The General Counsel Imperative: How can you evolve entity management into effective governance?

    Robust legal entity management plays a key role in reducing risk and delivering on business strategy – yet many businesses are falling short.

    15 Jun 2021 Mike Fry

    Corporate responsibility

    What more can business do to tackle inequality?

    An authentic commitment to inclusive business depends on a more systemic focus on the needs of low-income and marginalized communities.

    24 May 2021 Gillian Hinde


    How to guide your consumers through the maze that is sustainability

    The EY Future Consumer Index sustainability focus suggests consumers need further information to make more sustainable purchasing decisions.

    5 Jul 2021 Silvia Rindone

    How to balance multiple stakeholders whilst transforming contracting

    The need for companies to reinvent contracting has been increased due to the pandemic.

    1 Jul 2021 Maniti Barot

    How much of the value of content comes from the flexibility to consume it?

    Households have increased their adoption and use of media and content over the past year, but the media industry faces some key challenges.

    30 Jun 2021 John Harrison

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