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Help transform businesses through the power of people, technology and innovation.


What is Consulting at EY?

As a Consulting professional, you will combine industry knowledge with your innovative mindset to help organisations to manage their business performance, people and systems better, all while learning real-world skills for your career.

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We help EY clients overcome their current challenges, achieve strategic objectives and enable growth.

Brad D'Costa

Manager, Digital & Emerging Technologies

Which Consulting team interests you?

Business Consulting 


Help organisations make informed decisions, quantify risks, gain data-driven insights and improve their performance.                                                 

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Business Transformation

Design and help deliver large scale, multi-year, multi-stakeholder transformation programs for organisations, by bringing together transformation architecture, experience design, business design and transformation execution.                                                                                     


Enterprise Risk

Internal Audit - Help clients strategically assess, remediate and improve control issues. 

Risk Transformation - Help clients make decisions about their organisation and risk.              

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Help assess and transform an organisation’s finance function to improve performance and effectiveness.          

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Intelligent Automation

Help clients reimagine how processes across the front, middle and back offices can be transformed to meet new digital customer expectations.         

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Health & Human Services

Design and drive end-to-end evidence-based system change in Government, Health, and Human Services to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.                

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Supply Chain & Operations 

Help organisations effect fundamental change in their operations’ performance to support sales growth, become more cost competitive, minimise risk and ensure operational resilience.

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Technology Risk

Help organisations build confidence with their customers and shareholders through identifying and responding to risks from advances in business technology.

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Financial Services Risk Management

Help clients develop the talent and organisation transformation strategies needed to achieve future business objectives.         

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Technology Consulting 

Advanced Security Centre

Help organisations identify and exploit vulnerabilities within applications and networks, demonstrate technical threats to the business and provide guidance and coaching on how to remediate the vulnerabilities to development and administration teams.



Assist organisations in addressing the challenge of managing clients’ information security within their company by detecting and defending against internal and external cyber threats, as well as responding to and recovering from cyber-triggered business disasters.

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Data & Analytics

Transform the way EY clients use information to solve their biggest challenges. Re-imagine how businesses will run in the future by transforming them into intelligent information organisations.

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Digital & Emerging Technology

Advise organisations on the adoption of emerging technologies including cloud computing, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and blockchain, to help overcome their current challenges, achieve strategic objectives and enable growth.

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Technology Solutions Delivery

Provide organisations with broad solution implementation services from strategy and architecture, to production deployment as they initiate or undergo major transformation.                                                   

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Technology Transformation

Transform businesses through technology enabled programs of work which align people, process and technology to define and deliver strategic initiatives. Help maximise business value from current and future technology investments.      

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The exceptional EY experience

Make an impact in the world of work, ask better questions and find a career as unique as you are. It's yours to build.

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Careers in Financial Services and Core Services  

  • What’s the difference between Financial Services and Core Services?

    When you apply for a role, you may have the option to nominate a preference to work in either the Financial Services (FS) sector or Core Services.

    In FS, you’ll work with a diverse range of clients within the financial services industry across Insurance, Banking and Capital Markets, and Wealth and Asset Management. Our FS roles tend to have a more specialised focus; however, you’ll work on a truly global scale with multinational companies across Oceania and in some cases, Asia-Pacific. This means working in integrated teams and collaborating across different areas of our business.

    Our Core Services business is slightly different; roles here will give you access to clients across multiple industries (e.g. Construction and Infrastructure, Energy and Media and Telecoms), so you’ll get broad experience as you work across different business sectors. We’re a global business so while you’ll focus on clients within Australia, you’ll also have opportunities to work across other geographies where possible. 

The best thing about working at EY is the atmosphere. Being in a place with people from all different backgrounds, but with shared interests and ideas makes for a work environment that is welcoming and fun, but also allows me to be challenged and grow whilst still feeling supported by everyone around me.

Matthew Kennedy

Manager, Technology Consulting, Advanced Security Centre

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Global revenue

$10.5b US

in FY20

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What about the extras? 

When you thrive, we thrive. The EY benefits package goes above and beyond, focusing on your physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing.