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Like the industrial age before, the Transformative Age is changing how we live, work and play. Quick fixes no longer will suffice. Instead, organizations need to be thinking about fundamental transformation that will give them the agility to adapt.

What EY can do for you

In today’s environment, companies experience constant change due to shifting stakeholder expectations. Employees, customers and investors are seeking deeper reasons for engagement. Therefore, organizations need to be thinking about fundamental transformation to meet these expectations.

Consulting at EY can help you unlock the inherent value along the entire transformation spectrum — whether it is purpose, business and operating model, process and function, or tools and technology. Together, EY can provide better outcomes and long-lasting results, from strategy to execution.

Purpose-Led Transformation™

Purpose-Led Transformation is a new approach to driving strategic transformation, innovation and growth. In a recent survey conducted by EY and Harvard Business Review Analytics, 91% of respondents identified that their company has or is working on developing a purpose, while less than half believe their strategy is aligned with the purpose. Further, only 37% believe their operating model and operations are aligned to their purpose.

We define purpose as an organization’s clear reason for being that serves to set strategic vision and decision-making. A strong purpose focuses the business strategy on delivering value and meaning for customers, employees and other stakeholders, which finally boosts the prosperity of your organization.

Enterprise Operating Model

External forces — changes in technology, customer preferences, and competitive environment — and internal forces — strategy shift, operational cost increase, and leadership change — trigger the need for companies to change their operating model to stay competitive. Enterprise Operating Model supports strategy execution and drives value through:

  • Unlocking top-line growth: pursuing new business models or restructuring existing ones to deliver integrated client outcomes
  • Differentiating core capabilities (including performance): increasing operational effectiveness
  • Driving sustainable profitability: optimizing enterprise costs

Enterprise Cost Reduction

For every organization, the focus is not just on growth, but also on profitability: it’s important to ask what measures have been taken to grow profitability. It’s about aligning cost structure with corporate strategy and controlling costs and using those savings to unlock growth. This results in operational and capital efficiencies that improve the bottom line while serving customers and shareholders more effectively.

EY identifies, prioritizes and helps implement initiatives that address a wide range of cash, cost and capital challenges. The detailed frameworks and change management methodology supports EY clients to achieve their current objectives and their future aspirations.

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