Photographic portrait of Eric Buchen
In a world where everything is changing, the biggest risk is standing still.

Eric Buchen

EY Global Digital Business Development Leader

Determined problem solver helping clients address complex issues and capitalize on opportunities. Global citizen. Music enthusiast. Committed to family and community.

Areas of focus Strategy Digital
Office Dallas, US

Eric is the EY Global Digital Business Development Leader striving to help clients be digital rather than do digital – embedding a new way of thinking and behaving across the entire value chain – looking at digital from every angle. Eric applies his broad global experience with the appropriate focus and discipline to bring new perspectives from across the EY ecosystem to help clients solve complex end-to-end business transformation challenges.

Living and working abroad for the past 10 years with EY, Eric has gained extensive international experience. He has invested significant time in the market with clients and account teams in more than 30 countries around the world including extended time in Japan, China, Turkey, Middle East, Germany, France, Russia, India, UK and the US.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from The University of Texas at Austin.

How Eric is building a better working world

“I am inspired by the clients and EY teams I work with around the world. It becomes clear that as work and life become more intertwined, purpose and fulfillment matter even more.

I am helping to build a better working world by shifting people’s perspective: it’s not about what people can do with digital, but what digital can do for people. By refocusing on human needs rather than only technological solutions, we can uncover a stronger focus for innovation, opportunities for collaboration and fresh ways to advance both business and society.

I am convinced the best digital strategy is a human one. The future of digital will impact, involve, and influence all of us, which is something we can all embrace.”