Jon E Dobell
My passion over the last 20 years is working with my clients to improve their efficiency and processing. I especially love working with my financial services clients who operate at the leading edge.

Jon Dobell

EY Asia-Pacific Leader, Managed Services and Tax & Finance Operate

Managed Services and Tax & Finance Operate Leader – helping businesses grow and scale globally. Curious about technology. Formula 1 racing enthusiast. Husband and father of 3 children.

Jon is a Partner at EY, and the Asia-Pacific Leader of EY’s Managed Services and Tax & Finance Operate business.

EY is the market leading practice globally supporting organizations with finance and tax operational requirements. We operate across all aspects of the finance spectrum and pride ourselves in delivering innovative solutions to global and local clients.

Jon has more than 25 years’ experience in this space, helping clients create efficient and effective frameworks for delivering timely operational solutions. Our business is built on this premise, where we strive to operate alongside our clients delivering on their bookkeeping, accounting, finance, statutory reporting, tax accounting, payroll operations, corporate secretarial, direct and indirect tax filing needs.

He is passionate about helping clients keep their business on course for growth and expansion, supporting them by managing and executing their operational obligations. Jon thrives when he works with clients to set a framework for managing operations, then identify and execute on strategies and tactics to deliver excellence. Jon excels in helping clients operating multiple businesses in multiple countries, in managing local country nuances, and in leveraging the power of EY’s global network.

How Jon is building a better working world

“By helping companies expand and grow their businesses across the globe, we are overcoming barriers to help them get their products and services to market more effectively. By doing this, we are helping businesses make an increased impact on the globe and helping them in building a better working world.”

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