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2021 corporate responsibility report

Driving change. Accelerating growth. Amplifying impact.

At EY Canada, building a better working world means working toward meaningful and sustainable progress to help shape and improve the future for our people, clients, society and planet.

Our 2021 corporate responsibility report shares how we:

  • Strive to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in everything we do and everywhere we are – whether that’s in our workplace, with our client work or in our local communities.
  • Help our clients grow their value and build stronger trust in the market and with stakeholders – sustainably and responsibly.
  • Give back to Canadian society and the environment through our people’s time and skills, as well as corporate donations and sponsorship.

Our collective Canadian impact in 2021

How we’re creating long-term value for our people, our clients, our society and the planet.

Plant growing

EY is proud to be carbon negative as of October 2021 and continue to contribute to our goal of net zero in 2025.

Cultivating exceptional experiences for our people


invested into learning and development


ever fully accredited FREE corporate EY MBAs in tech and sustainability for all full-time employees


individualized awards presented through our internal employee recognition system

Helping clients innovate, grow, optimize and protect value


public companies audited


in COVID-19 government aid accessed by Canadian businesses through an EY technology solution


veterans provided with upskilling training through our Cyber Workforce Enablement Program

Creating a positive impact for local communities and our planet


raised by EY people for United Way Canada


donated by EY Canada to communities and charitable causes across Canada


hours invested by our organization and our people to support our communities

How we’re building a better working world for:

Our people

Our people

Creating a sense of belonging in our diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments is how we can best position our people to make a meaningful impact for our clients, societies and one another. It’s also why we invest in building transformative leaders of the future and cultivating a culture of health and wellness.

Our clients

Our experience leads us to ask the bold questions that help Canadian businesses build trust and redefine the value they create for their own stakeholders, customers and communities. We use this same experience in our advocacy for and engagement with the industries and governing bodies that shape the future of our markets.

Our clients
Our society

Our society

How we engage with and give back to society today – ethically, equitably and sustainably –will help shape Canada’s environmental, educational and entrepreneurial landscape for generations to come. Our EY Ripples volunteer program gives our people opportunities to give back in the ways that matter to them, as we uphold our corporate responsibility pillars of equity, environment, entrepreneurship and education.

Our planet

In 2020, we became a net-zero organization. As of 2021, we’re carbon negative, and we continue to help other businesses reach their carbon reduction goals. At EY Canada, we’re continuously working to mitigate our environmental impacts while implementing large-scale change to protect our planet.

Our planet

    ESG and Sustainability

    EY is committed to making business work for sustainability and making sustainability work for business.

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