Advanced manufacturing and mobility

Manufacturers must evolve business models, connect products seamlessly utilizing digitization and adopt a customer-centric mindset.

When the landscape changes, your business should, too. From revolutionary technologies to evolving consumer expectations: advanced manufacturing and mobility (AM&M) organizations face a host of new risks — and just as many opportunities — to address now.

Achieving on that promise begins by seizing the upside of digital to reinvent your supply chain. Tapping into the connected ecosystem to engage the digital consumer differently. Embracing innovative business models to improve operational efficiency, create new categories and upend the competition.

At EY, we take an enterprise-wide approach to help you unlock the potential of digital, fast-track productivity and set a clear roadmap for smarter manufacturing and mobility solutions.

We bring deep, multidisciplinary knowledge and vast cross-sector relationships to connect broad dynamics across the aerospace and defence, chemicals and advanced materials, industrial products, automotive and transportation sectors.

First, we help simplify complex issues to get to the heart of what you want to achieve. Then we help design your path to growth together.

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