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EY-Parthenon energy and resources strategy consulting teams help energy companies maximize their value today while successfully reshaping their businesses to meet tomorrow’s energy needs. EY-Parthenon energy strategists apply the latest technology, best business practices, state-of-the-art digitization, M&A expertise and more to help your business transform and thrive.

What EY-Parthenon energy and resources strategy consulting teams can do for you

EY-Parthenon energy and resources strategy consulting teams are dedicated to helping today’s energy companies maximize value as the world transitions from yesterday’s carbon-rich business model to a sustainable energy future. With all the consumer demands, new technologies and geopolitical unrest, company leaders are exploring where the risks and new opportunities are. Many are asking what the best strategy is to successfully create a winning position in their market. EY-Parthenon energy strategists can help find these answers, and then help realize them.

The current energy transition is one of worldwide urgency, opportunity and challenge. The increasing penetration of renewable energy into the energy supply mix, the onset of electrification and improvements in energy storage, are all key drivers of the energy transition. Regulation and commitment to decarbonization is an increasing government priority, but the energy transition will continue to increase in importance as investors prioritize environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Vast opportunities are abound. But challenges must be met to achieve gains. Policymakers, investors and companies are facing tough decisions as they try to meet the demand for reliable and affordable energy while keeping sight of climate goals. Geopolitical uncertainty is adding a layer of complexity, lifting energy security (e.g. energy supply) to the top of the business agenda. New technology must be developed to address hard-to-electrify areas and/or offset emissions. Consumers are becoming more demanding with changing needs and higher expectations. Electric vehicle adoption will create demand for new fuel opportunities, a replacement market, second-life batteries and more. Integrating renewables will require digitization of the networks at the lowest possible price point.

So how do mining and metals, oil and gas, and power and utility companies reshape their businesses for the future, while also dealing with temporary and/or long-term stressors such as new technology requirements, increasing digitization needs, geopolitics and the need for short-term gains today? EY-Parthenon energy strategists are here to help.

EY-Parthenon energy and resources strategy consulting teams have deep expertise in new energy sources, regulatory environments and innovative technologies including state-of-the-art digitization processes. We combine this with a deep understanding of financing strategies and solid investment and capital deployment opportunities to help you optimize M&A portfolio strategies and subsequent integration plans. Our focus includes:

  • Mining and metals

    We help increase business value and agility (less time, cost, disruption) through state-of-the-art technology use, e.g., increasing operational productivity based on better data collection methods, generating cash through scenario modeling, providing systems access anytime and anywhere, optimizing value from existing technology and more. EY-Parthenon energy strategy goal is to help you better meet existing metal demand while quickly ramping up production to help fill the exponential need for more minerals and metals caused by the clean energy transition.

  • Oil and gas

    Pricing volatility, changing regulations and cost of capital demand operational efficiency and technological development. EY-Parthenon energy strategy teams apply the latest technology to help transform companies into digitally enabled, process-focused, high-return businesses. We help you balance investments as your business becomes increasingly complex and diversified.

  • Power and Utilities

    The shift to renewable energy and distributed generation is presenting a huge challenge to this sector: all networks must be digitized fast and at the lowest possible cost. Other issues impacting this business include aging infrastructures, cybersecurity threats and urgent repair timelines. EY-Parthenon power and utility strategists specialize in the implementation of the industry’s best practices to aid margin improvement. In addition, our knowledge and experience in the M&A sector activity can provide a key advantage for deal-making and post-deal integration.

Bottom line, EY-Parthenon energy and resources strategy consulting teams provide strategic guidance on energy transition based on the latest data, broad knowledge and deep sector experience. Our goal is to help you develop and accelerate bespoke business solutions. Solutions that reimagine your ecosystems so you can develop a financially compelling future-led energy strategy that can be implemented across the whole enterprise. EY-Parthenon energy strategists help maximize opportunities today so you can deliver long-term value tomorrow.

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