Photographic portrait of Danielle Laramée
Putting great minds together is the most effective way to empower diversity of thought and challenge traditional narratives. Encouraging those individuals to bring fresh thinking to the table will further catalyze innovation.

Danielle Laramée

EY Canada People Advisory Services Leader

Leader, innovator and catalyst for change. Unlocking people potential.

Areas of focus Workforce Tax
Office Montréal, CA

Danielle is the Canadian Leader for the People Advisory Services. She leads a team of 700 professionals that help clients harness their people agenda as part of their business strategy which, in turn, will translate into competitive advantage.

Bringing over 30 years’ experience at EY, she serves a number of multinational and large public clients that have operations across the globe. She brings valuable judgment, strategic insights and a practical perspective in everything that she does.

Danielle established an enviable reputation in the industry and is particularly noted for her leadership and extensive professional experience with public and private companies in the retail, technology, telecommunications, aerospace and financial services. Her professional experience includes: tax and financial planning for executives of major multi-national corporations, global mobility program coordination, multi country global mobility projects and income tax and social security services for multinational companies. She also participates in our Global People Advisory Services network, sharing emerging topics of interest to our large clients.

She’s a Certified Administrator of Université Laval and is a Board Member of several foundations. She earned her Bachelor of Commerce (1983), the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and is a Fellow of the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec.

How Danielle is building a better working world

“What I enjoy most about working with clients is helping them recognize the importance of change and understand how they can collaborate across their business to solve challenges. My role allows me to connect with thought leaders, disruptors and C-Suite executives to discuss how we can shape the future of work and their People Agenda. This enables a better working world for the business and their people – a truly exciting endeavor!”

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