Photographic portrait of Rohit Puri
The continuing frontiers for operators are cost and innovation. Both help the bottom line improve at a time of growing customer sophistication.

Rohit Puri

EY National TMT Industry Sector Leader

Not your average telecom strategist. British-born global citizen, focused on the development of the telecoms industry. Fluent in all things Bollywood.

The way we connect technology now can drive business outcomes for years to come. As EY Canada’s National TMT Industry Sector Leader, Rohit helps clients navigate complex issues across the telecommunications space.

With more than 15 years of professional services experience in consulting and industry, Rohit now oversees sector input across national engagements. Prior to assuming this national role, Rohit led the development and implementation of the EY Global Telecoms Center strategy. Coming from an economics and accounting background, he spent many years working with European and Asian operators and regulators on product costing and profitability work. He’s channeled that background into more recent work on business intelligence, analytics and automation in North America, showcasing how new technology can meet required business outcomes.

Rohit earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Kings College London and his MBA in Business Administration and Management from the University of Warwick. He’s also completed the Global Leadership Program at Harvard Business School.

How Rohit is building a better working world

“Connecting the dots between industries helps to create an ecosystem that provides greater opportunities for businesses and communities. As a passionate advocate for thinking about telecoms as a horizontal rather than a vertical, I believe that global innovation continues to be underpinned by the speed and resilience of operator networks. The advent of 5G and fibre investments offers another opportunity for operators to continue to innovate. My role positions me to help create that interconnectivity that will drive practical innovation which offers real benefits to Canada, and its citizens.”

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