Photographic portrait of Theo Yameogo
Data is power, and the exploitation of data could be an invaluable resource and a great advantage.

Theo Yameogo

EY Americas Mining & Metals Leader, EY Canada National Mining & Metals Co-Leader

Defining the roadmap for the Mining and Metals sector – for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Theo is currently focused on enabling and fostering business transformation and technology innovation across the industry to support core business excellence and enterprise growth, as the National Mining & Metals Co-Leader. ​

Prior to EY, Theo was VP Digital Innovation at Dundee Precious Metals, where he helped the company on its digital transformation journey. He’s a mining engineer with a PhD in rock mechanics, and worked at mining operations in Saskatchewan, Quebec and New Brunswick, before embracing engineering and business consulting. ​

Since 2012, Theo has been involved with many mining companies for various transformation initiatives in Canada and abroad, from core business leadership to advanced digital innovation.  ​

Theo is a Professional Engineer in Ontario; he holds an MBA with Distinction from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in rock mechanics from École Polytechnique de Montréal. He is fluent in French and English.

How Theo is building a better working world

"I’ve learned from my experience that if you don’t have proper data governance and data strategy, it’s quite challenging to embrace digital in this sector. I’m bringing a strong background and perspective on digital transformation, industry 4.0, innovation and operational excellence to our teams and helping them transform our core business practices and adopt new business models to help clients stay competitive, while also reducing operational risks and improving productivity for the future."

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