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Meet EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® alum Anthony Palermo.

Learn Connect&GO how used their RFID wristband technology to help track and trace the spread of COVID‑19.

Times of uncertainty encourage innovation.

The Entrepreneur Shift is a series of interviews that dives deeper into the pivots Canadian entrepreneurs have made while navigating COVID-19. Each episode, our host, Victoria McQueen, speaks with EY Entrepreneur Of The Year and EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ alumni to provide insight into the current and future climate of their industry.

Anthony Palermo
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 Quebec finalist, Technology – Under 100 Employees

 is a global leader in RFID technology. They offer a unique combination of smart wearable technology and intuitive operating management systems for the leisure, sports and entertainment industries.

What fuels you?

Listening to the honest stories of others and learning from their great successes and devastating failures.

What are you most proud of?

My wife and her gentle patience, our kids and their unconditional hope, and our garden and its bountiful wonders.

What has COVID-19 taught you personally and professionally?

Personally:  That it shouldn’t take a pandemic (that has ground the world to a halt) to realize what’s really important in our lives. For me it’s been mental health and the community of kind participants in my life.

Professionally:  The commerce model as we’ve known it is often flawed and visionless and that there are smarter ideas to explore that do both good for the world and the economy: self-sustainable, perma-cultural frameworks for businesses and citizens to thrive in.

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