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Our Business and Technical Analysts help clients turn strategy into realised business value, providing knowledge to help define requirements, deliver solutions and maximise value delivered.  We bring a proven approach and accelerators and apply best practice learnings to develop solutions for our clients.

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What EY can do for you?

Our team of Business Analysts use design led thinking to help our clients to enable organisation change.  We help to identify the needs as well as support the implementation of those changes.  Our team works with the organisation’s stakeholders, across all aspects of projects and delivery, to define areas of improvement and design systematic approaches to close gaps.  We focus on delivering results that can be continuously improved and bring maximum business value to the client today and in the future.

What do we do?

Our Business Analysts have delivered results across multiple industry sectors including Government, Banking, Power & Utilities and the Private Sector.  We have scale and experience in delivering digital change through Agile and Waterfall methodologies and have significant experience delivering in a multi-vendor environment, embracing a ‘One Team’ ethos.  Our EY team also bring sector understanding and insights into emerging standards and trends and help lead organisations to design valuable solutions even when working in new areas.  With our support we have enabled organisations to develop business requirements, understand capabilities, and develop operating model designs that help turn strategy and solutions into realised business value.

What services do we offer?

Our Business and Technology Analyst team partner with clients to create valuable end-to-end solutions.  We have provided support to our partners through:

Business analysis

  • BA services

    We convert business data into valuable information through the use of statistical techniques and advanced software.  We provide a set of analytical methods for solving problems and aiding decision-making process.  By leveraging a central delivery management model, consistent tools, methods, etc., we can drive a standardised approach across a client’s portfolio.

  • Waterfall business analysis

    We help businesses translate business needs into technical solutions through using waterfall business analytics.  We conduct procedures such as Requirement Analysis, Gap Analysis, Process Modelling, Operating Model Design & Business Case Development.

  • Agile business analysis

    We provide clients with end-to-end adaptability to the business approach.  We transform the business needs into technical solutions through Epics, User Stories and Use Cases.

Technical analysis

  • Systems analysis

    We provide clients with a comprehensive analysis of software, hardware and wider tech systems to identify which best meets the client business needs, while developing requirements for new systems that align with their strategies.

  • Design thinking

    We develop innovative solutions which focus on the customer.  We provide rapid prototyping to creative ideas to support the development of products, services and processes.

  • Business architecture

    We help companies develop process frameworks, linked to technical solutions.  We also assist clients in choosing the business applications that best fit their organisation.

Strategy analysis

  • Strategic requirements

    We facilitate internal workshops with the organisation stakeholders to examine current strategy approach and challenges.  To facilitate meaningful outcomes, we perform analysis of company’s current strategic documentation.

  • Evaluate strategy & gap analysis

    We help organisations understand gaps in their current strategy through various activities designed to gather information across stakeholders and the business.  We conduct analysis on peer review and benchmarking practices, identify key dependencies from ongoing organisation design projects, assess workshop and research outputs, and help organisations identify priorities, gaps and issues that need to be addressed.

  • Product owner

    We maximise the value from the product development by optimizing the product backlog and we drive efficiency throughout the Agile process by providing clear understanding of business needs and priorities.

Stakeholder analysis

  • Engagement

    We work with the core engagement team and all relevant stakeholders to assess and define the scope and desired outcomes of the engagement.

  • Assessment

    We help organisations to develop an understanding of current state culture, leadership, workforce, organisational stakeholders, and operating environment relative to potential changes.

  • Acceptance

    We help organisations to drive acceptance and buy-in with stakeholder throughout the project lifecycle.  This minimises risks of misunderstanding, helps with the planning of work, and creates achievable goals for the team.

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