Managed Treasury Services

EY Managed Treasury Services (MTS) can provide customizable, flexible support designed to help reimagine the treasury function, provide deeper insights and unlock the time your organization needs to focus on strategic initiatives.

Your business challenge

The modern treasury function involves more than just traditional operations such as managing financial risks and complying with regulatory requirements. Today’s treasury teams can be expected to provide strategic counsel on growth matters such as M&A and transformation, address enterprise-wide issues, manage the unpredictability of cash and market volatility, and help provide continuous transparency on cash-flow liquidity and visibility.

The evolution of the treasury function from a cost center to a value-creating business partner has made it more important for leaders to adapt and shift organizational perceptions. To achieve success in today’s changing landscape, treasury leaders should transform their function. However, many finance teams are facing additional challenges such as global supply chain instability and financial market volatility, ultimately limiting resources and making it difficult to attract and retain talent. In turn, this challenging landscape can make it hard for leaders to be agile and pivot quickly.

Solution benefits

EY MTS provides access to treasury professionals and leading technologies to support your treasury operating model with a flexible managed service offering.

EY MTS can provide:

  • Enhanced day-to-day reporting activities, so you can focus on strategic activities and improve reporting cycles
  • Deeper insights and better visibility of information, with relevant and timely data management in user-friendly formats to facilitate informed decision-making and better risk management
  • Clear, reliable support on compliance and regulatory requirements, helping to provide greater peace of mind and a strategic path forward

Other benefits can include:

  • Improved performance, helping to reduce output variations through cost effective technology-enabled service models, and standardized processes and tasks
  • Scalability, with reactive ramp-up and down capability to help meet demand
  • Enhanced transparency and trust through high-quality reliable data to help meet compliance and regulation requirements

How can MTS help to transform your operating model?

  • Open image description#Close image description

    Graphic visualizing how MTS can help transform your operating model. The graphic depicts time and resource distribution in the current state operating model with the potential future state operating model through strategic, operational, and repetitive and specialized activities. In the current state, repetitive and specialized activities consume the most time and resources, while strategic activities consume the least. Conversely, the future state operating model presents an opposite scenario - strategic activities have the largest time and resource distribution, and repetitive and specialized activities have the smallest.


Solution features & functionality

  • Reporting and visualizations

    • Consolidate and prepare data from multiple sources to produce treasury management reporting and interactive dashboards
    • Categorize, summarize and analyze data to produce insightful metrics and reporting
  • Cash and liquidity management

    • Perform daily cash positioning process to provide visibility into funding requirements
    • Facilitate short-term funding and investment transactions
    • Reconcile prior day cash positions to bank statements
  • Cash forecasting

    • Consolidate and analyze data to produce a short-term cash flow forecast for liquidity management
    • Create forecast-to-actual variance analysis reports to identify forecasting improvement opportunities
  • Payments

    • Process payment requests and initiate payments within bank portals, enterprise resource planning (ERPs) and treasury technology systems for client approval
    • Setup client-approved payment templates and handle periodic maintenance
    • Capture net intercompany trade payables and facilitate settlement
  • Bank relationship management

    • Process changes to bank accounts, including opening and closing accounts, updating signatories, and FBAR reporting
    • Generate bank fee analysis to identify erroneous charges and fee reduction opportunities
  • Managed connectivity and file tracking

    • Support interface monitoring, issue resolution and root-cause analysis documentation
    • Track and coordinate process validation and workflow exception monitoring
    • Triage coordination and resolution of end user requests and queries
  • Debt and capital management

    • Track, maintain and settle:
      • Debt and investment records
      • Letters of credit and guarantees
      • Intercompany loans and payables
      • Derivative trade records
    • Support debt covenant compliance and reporting
    • Support share repurchase program administration process
  • Financial risk management, valuations and hedge accounting

    • Gather and analyze foreign exchange markets (FX), interest rate and commodity exposure data
    • Prepare hedging recommendations for approval, including assisting with hedge strategy development
    • Process hedge trades for approval
    • Support trade confirmation and settlement
    • Track and report on derivative positions
    • Undertake scenario analysis and stress testing across various portfolios and risk factors
    • Perform hedge effectiveness testing and provide hedge journal support
  • Credit and collections

    • Support development of risk assessment models and perform customer risk assessments
    • Perform auto and manual cash applications
    • Help to facilitate the development of collection strategies for current or past-due receivables
    • Support with existing supply chain finance programs to enroll more customers to mitigate risk and encourage growth
  • Derivatives, investments finance and controllership

    • Help to design a target state operating model and roadmap
    • Provide operations, account and reporting support for investments and derivatives
    • Support with process enhancement, automation, and remediation
    • Assistance with investment and derivatives platform implementations and migrations
    • Help to establish governance and controls framework


Why EY

EY Managed Treasury Services has a proven track record of working with businesses of all sizes and utilizing a network of alliance partners to provide technology-enabled services and solutions.

EY teams can provide implementation and advisory services to help businesses reimagine their treasury function and operating model with a flexible and customizable approach.

During the planning and onboarding phase, EY teams will work closely with you to capture your business requirements, refine processes and identify pain points across the operating model. By collaborating with clients, EY teams can adopt and deploy techniques and solutions that align with their objectives.

What if managed services could run your world better?

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