EY Mobility Pathway Business Traveler

EY Mobility Pathway Business Traveler is a banking regulatory compliance module that identifies pre-travel cross-border risks based on the traveler’s profile, itinerary, and activities.

What EY can do for you

As globalization necessitates business travel and employees travel from one location – or country – to another, how do banks ensure they are assessing regulatory risks and meeting compliance obligations? EY Mobility Pathway Business Traveler offers a solution.

Employees book a business trip; EY Mobility Pathway Business Traveler does the rest.

EY Mobility Pathway Business Traveler creates an integrated business travel experience, with automated risk assessment and seamless downstream compliance. A global web-based tool provides pre-travel assessments to employees based on the risk profile of the host jurisdiction. This includes guidance on the potential banking regulatory risks of their planned activities at the time of booking.

Key features of EY Mobility Pathway Business Traveler for banking and capital markets:

  • Captures travel plans by completing an intuitive activity questionnaire.
  • Provides immediate regulatory compliance assessments pre-travel.
  • Validates past trips and activities performed.
  • Manages traveler profiles with key information on upcoming trips, travel history, and assessment results.
  • Offers a scalable tool that can also provide, tax, immigration, and EU-posted worker assessments.

The assessment output content reflects restrictions on cross-border activities and services by providing an overview on the regulatory framework of the market, as well as background information to better understand the applicable laws and regulations. The assessment can be configured to outline the cross-border activities that can be performed in compliance with respective foreign regulations, including a regulator’s practice and risk-mitigating factors.

EY Mobility Pathway Business Traveler is applicable across multiple functions, including global wealth and asset management, banking and capital markets practices, and cross-border subject matter resources that serve multi-national, private, and foreign-owned banks. It is also customizable based on your client-specific business rules listed by the country for up to 120 jurisdictions, with benefits to the following groups:

Legal and compliance

Improves legal and compliance team experiences with simple maintenance of client rules, consistency in delivering advice, and assistance with monitoring compliance and user log traceability.

Corporate stakeholders

Enhances corporate stakeholder experiences via cost reduction, decreased risk of non-compliance, increased control processes, fact-based informational outputs for decision-making, and configurable and dynamic reporting of data and assessments.

Business traveler experience

Creates a broad process that improves the traveler experience via global access, intuitive user interface, quick information, and results configured to business rules and policies.

Data analysis and reporting

EY Mobility Pathway Business Traveler is supported by EY seamless downstream compliance and highly integrated data analytics and reporting services, including trend analysis, forecasting, and governance, cost control management and benchmarking, and workforce planning.


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