5 minute read 9 Sep 2022
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From a two-day event to global clients

5 minute read 9 Sep 2022
    Meet Yanuvi, she’s a Business Consultant based at EY in London. In this article, she shares her journey from participating in Discover EY to joining on the Business Consulting Graduate programme. 

    Tell us about your graduate role at EY? 

    I am a Business Consultant and therefore I have a variety of tasks that I complete. I am currently working on a cloud implementation project and have been very client-facing since the start of my graduate scheme. Building a relationship with the client always help with understanding their expectations and helps when supporting them to find solutions. 

    On a day-to-day basis there are always tasks that my team completes to help us stay organised. For example, taking minutes, using trackers etc. More complex tasks such designing documents has really helped to expand my knowledge on the technical aspect of my role. I am excited to continue learning about how technology is shaping the industry. 

    How did you get onto the graduate scheme at EY? 

    I attended the Discover EY - Women in Leadership event and completed a placement year at EY before joining as a graduate. Discover EY allowed me to network with a variety of people from different service lines and backgrounds. I was able to understand the culture at EY and consider progressing my career at EY. Most importantly, I was reassured by many people about the friendly environment. We had Q&A sessions from senior members of the firm that provided valuable insights into career progression and opportunities available.

    I also took part in a year-long placement where I had the opportunity to travel with work to a client site. The yearlong experience was extremely valuable because I gained insight into projects from start to finish and I was able to see how I contributed to the result.

    One piece of advice I would give to other students is to network and always ask questions. Engaging and taking on opportunities is a great way of meeting new people and gaining new skills. I would highly recommend this experience to those that are interested in EY and would like to experience working life without any commitments.

    What are you studying towards whilst on the graduate scheme? What have you learned so far?

    I am currently studying towards the Chartered Global Management Accountant qualification (CIMA). EY has helped me balance working and revising - for example, providing study leave and at-home lectures has made revising even easier and more comfortable. I’ve learnt to not fear asking questions and to be bold in asking for more responsibility. Everyone at EY is so friendly and eager to help you expand your knowledge. 

    How do you manage your work-life balance and how does EY support you?

    I plan and make sure to communicate with my team about days off and absences in advance. I come from an accounting background, so I requested to complete the full CIMA qualification. I had discussions with my buddy as she was also completing the full qualification. I’ve always felt supported as I have online lessons and allocated study leave. The tuition providers offered many resources including mock tests and offline lectures. My team are very understanding of this commitment and are always trying to find ways of helping me to balance client work and exams. 

    What attracted you to EY? What’s the best experience you’ve had since joining EY?

    I have always heard that EY is a friendly place to work for and had a positive application process. There are so many different people and backgrounds at EY - working with different people has really helped me gain insight into other perspectives. Being able to go into the office, to meet the rest of my cohort has made me feel so comfortable. 

    Tell us about your hobbies?

    I love reading, anything that gets me hooked from the first page in my spare time I try and travel as much as possible.


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    Meet Yanuvi, she’s a Business Consultant based at EY in London. In this article, she shares her journey from participating in Discover EY to joining on the Business Consulting Graduate programme. 

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