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Our Commercial excellence services team helps you translate customer promises into commercial reality. We work with you to set your business up for success by transforming how you interact with the market with an outside-in and customer-centric approach, that boosts growth and reduces costs.

What EY can do for you

Customer behaviour and preferences are evolving at a staggering rate. However, customer experience (CX) investment is often not keeping pace, nor translating into sustainable growth. EY teams work with organisations to create new go-to-market models that are operationally mature, technology-enabled, and based on a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of their customers now, and in the future.

Service benefits

When organisations undergo customer-led holistic transformation, they can unlock a step change in CX and commercial results. Enterprises need to be able to identify opportunities across CX, omni-channel maturity, marketing excellence, sales effectiveness and execution — and know where to make pragmatic decisions around the capabilities required to succeed — spanning people, process and technology. Working with EY teams, organisations can:

  • Benefit from knowledge transfer and close support — until sales, marketing and service teams become operationally self-reliant
  • Attain customer and commercial excellence by optimising marketing spend, and resource allocation
  • Create a future-fit business with scalable and efficient ways of working
  • Drive sustainable growth, lower costs and improved customer advocacy to grow customer lifetime value

Elevate the CX

EY teams help companies to revisit ideal customer profiles, segmentation and targeting based on potential value. Performance lifts when enterprises address shifts in customer engagement and channel preferences; align marketing, sales and service around ‘moments that matter’; and give the front line the right tools to deliver a better experience.

Drive sustainable growth

It is important to digitise go-to-market capabilities to add ‘pull based’ journey progression to push campaigns. EY teams can help with the design and creation of new business models, offers, and capabilities, guiding where to invest in the right technology platforms and data capabilities, and supporting the integration of marketing and sales strategies with execution.

Improve productivity

EY teams can conduct an informed review of underlying channel economics, which helps reset channel strategy and mix. Companies typically need to recast operating models to align resources with value, taking costs out by automating tasks, handoffs and work flows.

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