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Leverage the potential of Microsoft technology to improve customer engagement and to drive measurable financial and operational efficiencies.

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What EY can do for you

When considering digital transformation, you need a team that understands all aspects of business and technology change. The EY team offers clients a simple approach to transformation — providing a combination of industry experience and business ingenuity with Microsoft’s transformative cloud offerings.

We understand that to achieve effective digital transformation, organisations need to have the right people with the right technological capability, to drive business performance in a sustainable manner. That is why we have diverse teams, who use industry insights to frame conversations, ask better questions and provide support, so that we can create future-fit solutions together.

Using Microsoft technologies, we can accelerate digital transformation and help businesses to improve collaboration across departments and geographies, reduce complexity, and empower end users to deliver operational excellence and exceptional customer experiences.

Our consultants facilitate innovation based on our strengths in technologies, such as business intelligence, automation, business application development, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and cybersecurity.

By leveraging these technologies, clients can capitalise on new opportunities, assess and manage risk to deliver responsible growth through digital transformation.

Our multidisciplinary team helps to fulfil regulatory requirements, keep investors informed and meet stakeholder needs.

We help clients to:

  • Enhance end-to-end customer experience and insight across sales, service, and marketing, using Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Reduce costs and revise spending across business geographies with process automation, budget control, and financial planning and analysis with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Modernise business processes with apps, automation and analysis with Microsoft Power Platform
  • Reduce risk and information technology (IT) complexity by updating and migrating legacy infrastructure to Microsoft Azure
  • Create an infrastructure from which to leverage new and emerging technologies, such as AI
  • Achieve rapid results using established methodologies and the latest governance tools
  • Improve the value of investment in Microsoft technologies, from Microsoft 365 to Azure

We align our teams according to sectors, so that we understand the challenges and opportunities within your industry.

  • Public sector: We deliver technology-enabled change to support public sector organisations to achieve cost reductions, service and organisational redesign, service automation, and improvements to customer engagement. We have also worked with many UK universities to develop end-to-end ‘student life cycle management’ platforms.
  • Private sector: We have been a trusted advisor to many clients, helping organisations to leverage the power of data to better anticipate their customers' needs, enhance decision-making and optimise financial operations. At the same time, we assist organisations to mitigate risk; create consistent, omni-channel communications; drive measurable process efficiencies; automate manual processes; and adapt to changing regulations, legislation, business models and geographies.
  • Charities and not-for-profits: Our extensive experience working with not-for-profit organisations has given us a rich understanding of how to use Microsoft tools to boost fundraising, track donations, manage grants and volunteers, optimise service delivery, and manage complex, highly regulated processes, such as Gift Aid.

EY Microsoft Alliance

In collaboration with Microsoft, we bring a compelling formula to spark the potential of the cloud and unlock the power of data. We solve our clients’ most challenging issues by blending industry knowledge with cloud technology. Our strategic relationship draws on decades of success developing visionary solutions that provide lasting value. 

Our team works globally with 4,000 Microsoft clients to deliver over 16,000 projects — all supported by more than 30,000 Microsoft-skilled people.

Together, we empower organisations to create exceptional experiences that help the world work better and achieve more.  

Find out more about the EY Microsoft Alliance.

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Our services

  • Advisory

    Together, we find new ways of solving problems by asking better questions, to create insightful business ideas.

    We combine our deep technical knowledge with industry experience and business ingenuity, working in collaboration with leaders in strategy, business consulting and change management. This means we can advise clients about specific operational challenges and use technology as an enabler for broader business transformation.

    We offer strategic planning, technical road map advice, licence optimisation, and in-depth exercises for client requirement discovery to make sure we truly understand your goals before designing a solution.  

    We can help you realise business transformation through the power of people and Microsoft technologies, from strategic planning, road map advice to discovery projects and license optimisation.

  • Consultancy

    The nature of work is evolving fast. Consequently, we are being asked to adopt new behaviours — to be more innovative, agile and collaborative. Our teams draw on years of experience architecting and delivering solutions that take into account our clients’ specific business drivers, existing IT landscape and requirements for future system development.

    We use proven delivery methodologies, dedicated quality assurance resources and rigorous project management to help improve speed to value. 

    We can help maximise financial visibility and profitability with Dynamics 365 Finance, capture new opportunities and accurately forecast sales with Dynamics 365 Sales. Additionally, we enhance visibility, optimise HR programmes and give employees the tools they need to thrive with Dynamics 365 Human Resources. And when it comes to tracking and monitoring cases and providing proactive updates, our team leverages the Dynamics 365 Customer Service. 

  • Training and adoption

    Learning develops talent, advances careers, grows leaders and transforms organisations. The real value in a technology project occurs when teams embrace and adopt new ways of working. To ensure that everyone is aligned, we offer a wide range of training and user-adoption options that scale to fit your needs.

  • Application support

    The Microsoft ecosystem enables powerful cloud solutions further strengthened by substantial ongoing Microsoft investment to help you stay competitive. Application support works with you to understand and embrace new functionalities for your current solution. Whether it is a ‘frequently asked question’ user query or your solution is not working as it should be, our application support team is here to help. 

Our platforms

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Design a unified digital workplace using Microsoft’s connected portfolio of business applications including finance, supply chain, human resources (HR), sales, marketing and customer service. 

    We use Dynamics 365 to help organisations:

    • Maximise service delivery by integrating systems and automating processes

    • Support evolving business models and maximise financial performance

    • Increase top-line business with enhanced deal management, AI-powered sales suggestions and transparent pipeline reporting

    • Reduce costs and optimise spending across business geographies with process automation, budget control, and financial planning and analysis

    • Build consistent, measurable marketing campaigns to keep customers and prospects engaged with your message

    • Empower teams to deliver excellence in customer service by equipping them with detailed customer and case information

    • Reduce costs by consolidating and migrating legacy information technology (IT) solutions to the cloud

    • Support legal and fiscal compliance with rich audit tracking and comprehensive data access controls

    • Use the rules-based chart of accounts, and simplify regulatory reporting, electronic invoicing and global payments.

  • Microsoft Power Platform

    Discover a new way to deliver business solutions at speed, without compromising on governance, using Microsoft’s low-code Power Platform. 

    We help organisations leverage the opportunities of Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and Microsoft Power BI by:

    • Creating mobile business applications which integrate with hundreds of systems, to modernise processes and provide access to data on the go

    • Standardising and automating processes with workflows to increase efficiency and compliance 

    • Designing conversational chatbots to reduce pressure on resourcing and deliver excellent customer experiences

    • Building rich, interactive business intelligence dashboards that span departments and systems

    • Leveraging Microsoft’s Dataverse as a unified data platform, increasing data accuracy and collaboration across departments 

    • Designing a blueprint for adopting Power Platform technologies in a controlled, secure manner.

  • Microsoft 365

    A familiar platform for many, Microsoft 365 integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, helping clients to:

    • Transform and simplify communications and collaboration, within and outside the organisation

    • Build closer and deeper relationships with customers by using Dynamics 365 with Outlook and Teams, to track, manage, and collate key sales dates, documents and activities

    • Improve productivity and availability across multiple devices using a single sign-in experience

    • Leverage Microsoft 365 Outlook and SharePoint for intranets, storage, retrieval, and management of documents and unstructured data that can be linked directly within their Dynamics 365 business applications

    • Allow users to interact and model with live finance data in Excel, simplify complex data analysis, and improve reporting 

    • Create templates for output documents (e.g., purchase order and customer invoice) using Microsoft Word

    • Support hybrid working, and equip teams with the tools to communicate and collaborate with Microsoft Teams.

  • Microsoft Azure

    Build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services through Microsoft Azure. We use Microsoft Azure to help organisations create cost savings, support complex integrations and enrich applications with AI to:

    • Reinvent and modernise back-office business, and front-office finance and operations, through the development of cloud-migration strategies and road map support 

    • Bring together multiple data sources for a unified experience, allowing the freedom to query and serve data for immediate BI and machine learning needs 

    • Improve speed of delivery and scale based on business demand with security and business continuity at its core 

    • Achieve cost efficiencies through Azure pay-as-you-go pricing to help manage IT budgets and purchase-only, as needed 

    • Manage complex hybrid infrastructures through a single interface, reducing complexity and improving quality

    • Accelerate development by employing consistent, compliant environments across different teams and applications to work in more agile ways 

    • Create role-based access control policies to enforce identity management in clusters

    • Remain in control when infrastructures need to operate on other cloud services, on the edge of a distribution network or on premises

    • Help ensure local, regional and national legal, data, and tax compliance by aiding the enforcement of policies.

In 2021, the organisation acquired Microsoft Gold Partners, Pythagoras and Seaton Partners. Together they formed EY Pythagoras who now operate under the Microsoft Services Group, part of the EY-Microsoft Alliance.

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