EY VentureBuilder: product innovation roadmap tool

EY VentureBuilder is a rapid roadmapping platform that helps shorten innovation cycles for new products, services and ventures.


Your business challenge

Converting innovative ideas into impact is a complex task. Inefficient processes lead to slower time-to-market, time-to-value and contribute to unmet objectives. Can your business

  • Move ideas from concept to minimum viable product to pilot at speed and scale
  • Track and manage innovation journeys and product road maps with best practices
  • Seamlessly collaborate to allow people to come together, solve problems and align on end objectives

Solution benefits

Multidisciplinary teams can work collaboratively using EY VentureBuilder to conceptualize, assess, design, roadmap and validate ideas to be turned into new products, services or ventures.

  • Leverage industry-known canvases to accelerate time-to-market
  • Easily adjust concepts, strategies and roadmaps based on feedback and learnings from the development process
  • Track progress and get valuable data insights that can fuel your roadmap

Use case

A global technology vendor leveraged EY VentureBuilder to use a digital workspace to collaborate virtually, reinvent themselves, radically embrace technological investments and enable innovation-led growth.


Solution features & functionality

Leverage EY VentureBuilder’s lean approach to co-create digital offers and speed up your success with the platform’s leading-in-class features:

  • Desktop-enabled, intuitive user interface
  • Flexible, collaborative and agile approach
  • Product road-mapping and release management
  • Idea-to-solution framework
  • Integration with third-party tools and APIs
  • Customizable innovation portfolio dashboard

Why EY

The support of EY people, innovation, product mindset and technical capabilities can translate your ideas into winning value propositions. EY VentureBuilder is reinforced with design thinking and product road-mapping capabilities to help you digitally innovate at scale and speed.

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