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Our approach to mitigating business travel emissions

We’re one of the world’s largest professional services firms. Travel plays an essential part in delivering the service levels our clients expect and in some circumstances, it’s also necessary to satisfy certain legal requirements. As we and our clients become more global, it’s likely that the overall need to travel will increase.

However we also recognise that it is our greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions (82% of our total footprint) and so are committed to encouraging our people to use alternatives to travel, and more sustainable travel options, wherever possible.

  • Embracing a strong culture of flexible working and enabling our people to work remotely
  • Extensive video conferencing facilities, online meeting technologies and telepresence
  • An increased mileage allowance for staff who car share on business travel
  • A 'Bikes for Work' scheme providing staff with tax efficient access to a new bicycle and accessories
  • A mileage allowance for staff who cycle on business travel
  • Secure cycle storage, showers and locker facilities in our buildings wherever possible
  • Cycle safety and security marking sessions, bike servicing and maintenance sessions
  • A mandatory travel policy aimed at minimising travel and encouraging sustainable travel behaviour
  • Dedicated travel booking facilities to help our people choose the most appropriate method for their journey
  • Using hybrid vehicles for pre-booked taxi services in London
  • Employee engagement programmes to increase staff awareness of the impact of travel and available alternatives
  • Interest-free travel season ticket loans
  • Participation in national campaigns such as National Bike Week

Performance against our 2018 targets

Ensure our GHG emissions from business travel (CO2e kg) grow at a lower % rate than our revenue growth rate %: Total FY2018 GHG emissions from business travel grew 19% compared to the previous year, compared to revenue growth of 6%. We believe this is due to a relaxation of the severe restrictions placed on travel during the FY2017 period and the need to deliver against ambitious business growth targets.

Whilst initially this may be disappointing, our absolute GHG emissions from business travel remain under FY2016 levels. We continue to invest in travel alternative technologies (such as video conferencing, telepresence, online meetings), equip travellers with better information and travel choices, and work to truly embedded flexible working culture within our business to limit future increases.

Business travel data

View a comprehensive business travel data table (PDF, 11K).

Please also refer to information on our emissions and our approach to environmental data measurement and reporting.

Our business travel performance