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The EY FinTech Lab helps FinTechs build a more innovative and inclusive financial services sector in the UK.

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The EY FinTech Lab is where EY teams work with FinTechs to help address, implement and find solutions to real world problems for consumers and SMEs. In so doing, we help FinTechs lay the foundation for growth by serving as strategic advisors, passionate advocates and networked relationship-builders.


In a period of rapid change, companies must pivot quickly to keep up with changing markets and consumer expectations. We believe bold ambitions can be fulfilled by using technology, data and experience to solve the financial industry’s pressing problems, achieve high growth, outrun competitors and achieve long-term value. The EY organisation is passionate about connecting FinTech innovations to the right resources and market opportunities at the right time. This also means connecting established financial institutions and investors to high-impact FinTechs. EY FinTech teams engage with FinTechs across sectors and niches and with different types of firms — challengers, disruptors, frontier FinTechs or those building horizontal capabilities. 

Alongside our work with the largest banks, insurers and asset managers, we have engaged with over 800 FinTech firms — in the UK and across the globe. Specifically, we help FinTechs develop capabilities to scale quickly and help establish the foundation for sustainable growth and long-term value creation. We do this by connecting established financial institutions with FinTechs to develop winning solutions, successful alliances and new business models. We also work with private equity, venture capital, corporates and other investors seeking compelling FinTech opportunities.

What is the EY FinTech Lab?

The EY FinTech Lab is a dynamic workspace designed for collaboration, experimentation and rapid test-and-learn prototyping in pursuit of scale and impact. It is where FinTechs, potential investors, customers, established financial services institutions, regulators, legal firms and other partners can connect to share information, brainstorm big ideas and – most importantly – design and rapidly develop real-world solutions to serve markets and customers more effectively.

It demonstrates our commitment to using our strength to connect and collaborate across industries, regulatory jurisdictions, and global markets. We enable FinTechs to devise strategies and develop safe, secure and innovative capabilities necessary for rapid growth. In doing so, we are making a difference in the way the financial system benefits consumers and businesses, showing our genuine commitment to a better financial working world.

With breakthrough FinTech innovation, huge valuations and high-profile partnerships, FinTechs have been a great success story for the UK financial services industry. The EY FinTech Lab builds on that momentum with services designed to help accelerate innovation, get products to market faster and amplify growth. 

What does it take for FinTechs to scale successfully?

A clearly differentiated value proposition, well-conceived business plan and great technology are a good start, but are just the beginning. A solid operational foundation and the right team, with strong leaders and capable staff, are just as important. Strong partnerships can provide access to expertise and open doors, enabling FinTechs to achieve their objectives sooner and at a larger scale. 

That’s what’s necessary to navigate the full range of challenges and issues – from attracting sufficient capital from the right investors and devising growth strategies, to ensuring data security and privacy, to complex legal, tax and regulatory requirements, to acquiring new users and continuously enhancing solutions, to managing costs and operating efficiently. 

EY FinTech Lab services

EY teams focus on making meaningful connections among key stakeholders so FinTechs can grow faster and at a greater scale, investors can identify the right opportunities, and incumbents can find the solutions they need for their objectives. We also provide robust strategic and operational support in key areas, including finance, accounting and tax, organisational design and governance, risk and regulatory matters, technology and data, and consumer and market insight. 

Key EY FinTech Lab benefits

  • Acceleration workshops

    Identify solution opportunities that result in significant business value via dynamic and interactive workshops. Evaluate pain points and challenges, envision and explore solutions and test alignment with business values. Build on existing prototypes to experiment with new or improved products and user experiences in real time. Collaborate with partners to develop compelling alliance propositions. 

  • Acceleration sprints

    Help accelerate the development of innovative, collaborative solutions focussed on pressing challenges and validated business value. Move beyond prototypes and remove blockers. Prioritise new features and design enhancements with direct customer and market input.

  • Value realisation

    Engage EY professionals to develop competitive strategies and verify their viability. Create a new business model, with a new go-to-market approach, or identify ways to unlock hidden value with data and technology.

  • Operational and functional support

    Connect with EY professionals in finance, tax, risk and regulatory to build the necessary infrastructure and access the right resources.

  • Data and information design

    Collaborate with finance, industry and data professionals to generate value from FinTech data. Explore how to refactor products and technology for better data outcomes, improve the business design to get additional value from data and plan, test and execute data-lead initiatives.

  • Business solution design

    Evaluate solutions and products for compliance with key regulations. Improve the design of business processes to fully leverage market opportunities. Explore external use cases for FinTech tools. Restructure products and tech to enhance controls, prepare for new regulations and increase reporting efficiency.

  • Training

    Gain the knowledge to identify opportunities and fully unlock value from innovations in FinTech. Use this new knowledge to boost competitive advantage, create a culture open to creative change and create a robust team framework.

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