Financial planning and analysis (FP&A)

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Financial services organisations that rethink their operating model and capabilities for FP&A are best placed to sustain long-term profitability. EY teams bring together business intelligence with innovative technology solutions to redefine how FP&A can transform your enterprise.

What EY can do for you

Uncertainty of the current environment has reaffirmed that speed and agility in planning, forecasting and analysis is a necessity rather than a luxury. When combined with the demands of meeting growth targets, cost reduction initiatives and increasing regulatory oversight, finance functions must have the ability to respond to multiple simultaneous demands. These include:

  • Optimising the deployment of financial resources (capital, liquidity, risk-weighted assets (RWAs) etc.)
  • Dynamic reforecasting of balance sheet and income statement to reflect rapid changes in assumptions
  • Supporting senior business leadership decision making with constraints planning capability
  • Deploying enhanced visualisation, user configurability and drill down capability across the enterprise
  • Planning and facilitating the development of enterprise and business line strategy.

Doing nothing is not a viable option, any delay in response may lead to sustained operational inefficiencies, opportunity losses and loss of investor trust.

Finance functions must become more flexible and agile to provide quicker insights with more confidence to enable faster decision making. We bring together our business and technology solutions to help organisations transform Finance and FP&A, making it a strategic driver of value creation.

  • Our FP&A transformation services include

    1. Strategic review and mobilisation
      • Perform FP&A strategic review and maturity assessment
      • Showcase FP&A capabilities through EY demonstrations
      • Define vision, strategy, business case and roadmap for FP&A transformation
    2. Vendor assessment and onboarding
      • Facilitate FP&A vendor assessments to support clients reach correct technology decisions
      • Define functional and solution architecture based on selected technologies
      • Support onboarding of the selected technology vendors
    3. Model design and implementation
      • Run workshops to prioritise requirements for pilot or initial build
      • Configure and help implement EY pre-built balance sheet, profit and loss, strategic business, and enterprise-wide models
      • Build plan and scope for wider roll-out and extension of FP&A capabilities
    4. Visualisation, reporting and analytics
      • Review, simplify and rationalise metrics, KPIs and management reports
      • Digitise MI through design and development of Executive level and business dashboards
      • Integrate planning tools and develop visualisation capabilities, including scenario and driver-based analysis
    5. FP&A operating model transformation
      • Define target operating model, re-engineer FP&A processes and integrate use cases across group, lines of business and functions
      • Define service delivery model and realign organisation
      • Extend coverage to include economic and organisational drivers, including cost, funding, liquidity

Key benefits include:

  • Quicker and better decision-making, focussed on taking action
  • Real-time ability to evaluate scenarios and forecasts
  • Using insights to uncover untapped business opportunities
  • Enhanced returns on balance sheet and investments
  • Increased business profitability
  • Increased trust and investor confidence

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