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As the international trade environment becomes increasingly complex to navigate, businesses with a dynamic trade strategy have competitive advantage. From assessing trade barriers to prioritising access to new markets and stakeholder engagement, our team can help you meet the challenge.

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Trade has become the rising consideration on corporate agendas. For decades, it seemed exporting and importing goods and services, together with workforce mobility, were becoming ever easier as governments and supranational bodies worked together to reduce trade barriers, cost and risk. The cross-border trade environment is going through fundamental changes with profound impacts on businesses.

The UK’s post-Brexit independent trade policy is just one factor companies need to consider and adapt to. Geopolitical tensions, new technologies, regulatory change, sustainable supply chains, consumer behaviour and the COVID-19 crisis are just some of the wider trends and disruptions strategic businesses cannot assess in isolation. Developing a strategic approach to trade issues is therefore critical. 

We offer commercial insights to help you get actionable answers to:

  • What’s your current exposure to trade risk and costs?
  • What potential market opportunities exist for your industry and how should they be prioritised?
  • What barriers are stopping you from trading efficiently? 
  • How can you increase agility in your response to disruption and capitalise on new prospects?
  • How can you understand the external trade policy-making process and improve trade literacy across your firm?

We provide the support you need to define and meet your objectives across the following areas:

International trade typically impacts multiple functions of an organisation. Our integrated team reflects this with the holistic perspective we bring to issues. Trade skills are complemented with extensive knowledge of a wide range of business areas and sector specialisms, including tax, law, supply chain, workforce and immigration, sustainability, strategy and transactions.

What differentiates our trade strategy team? 

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