Portrait of Harvey Lewis
I change the way we think about AI and the extraordinary capabilities of human intelligence.

Harvey Lewis

Associate Partner, Client Technology & Innovation, Ernst & Young LLP

Chief Data Scientist for Tax, designing and developing AI systems for tax and law professionals. Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at the Bayes Business School, City, University of London.

Harvey leads the data science team in EY UK Tax & Law service line and is the EY UK firm’s first emerging technology thought leader.

Harvey’s career started in the field of rocket science in 1992. Since then, he has focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies while working for some of the world’s largest systems integrators and consultancies.

Harvey is a former member of the Open Data User Group, the Public Sector Transparency Board, and the Advisory Committee to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI. He is an Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at The Bayes Business School in London. He has a PhD in Hypersonic Aerodynamics and a BEng (Hons) in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of Southampton.

How Harvey is building better working world

“Harvey has always championed the importance of human-centric AI and the amazing yet often underrated capabilities of human intelligence. He has delivered keynote speeches at conferences and events all over the world and has provided advice on AI and data science to government ministers and senior industry leaders.

Harvey is an accomplished writer and public speaker, winning the 2017 Management Consultancies Association Award for the best use of thought leadership investigating the impact of advanced technologies on future skills and the UK’s economy. He has also led research and analysis to support the employment of military veterans and the crucial role of women in technology.”