Maryam Hussain
Fraud is unlike any other risk that an organization has to manage. It means believing that we can be deceived by people we know, trust and do business with – it is one of life’s inconvenient truths.

Maryam Hussain

EY Global Fraud & Corruption Investigator

Dedicated to investigating fraud and corruption across the world. Behavioral scientist. British-Iranian. Mother.

Maryam has been investigating fraud and corruption in the public and private sectors for 20 years. She has led investigations in 23 countries, ranging from investigating an international network responsible for diverting over US$0.5b intended for one of the poorest counties in the world to investigating retail banks mis-selling financial products in the UK.

She is a frequent speaker at conferences and business schools, including INSEAD, University of Oxford and ESMT Berlin, and author of Corporate Fraud: The Human Factor, a book which explores why large-scale fraud is often missed until it is too late and how to spot the early warning signs.

Maryam earned a master’s degree in Behavioral Sciences from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

How Maryam is building a better working world

“Endemic fraud and corruption is a cancer that can destroy organizations and slow down economic development. I help EY clients manage the crisis of dealing with allegations of fraud and corruption across the world. Using insights from thousands of these investigations, we have built early-warning-systems to help clients see the early signs of the ‘fraud trail’ before it becomes a crisis. I am proud to be part of the fight to protect governments, institutions and corporates from fraud and corruption across the world.”

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