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Granting the Future podcast: inspiring stories on funds management

Grants have become a key instrument for tackling the world’s problems, both domestically and internationally. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, governments are taking a bigger role in our lives as they seek to improve people’s health, education, housing, infrastructure and prosperity — and protect and sustain the environment.

But what if grant managers could overcome all these challenges and ensure that every dollar in grants was put to its most effective use — to enhance lives and protect the environment?

In this compelling podcast series, you’ll hear inspiring stories about how the function is transforming to keep up with citizens’ needs and the power of grants to make a difference.

The series is also available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and Podbean.

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How to use technology to broaden access and measure the impact of grants

In this fourth episode Andrea Sampanis, from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, shares how to harness technology to improve access to grant funding and measure impact.

Episode 4

19m 02s


How grants can deliver impact in complex and changing environments

In this third episode of the Granting the Future podcast, the UN’s Pradeep Kurukulasuriya discusses how to manage nearly US$5 billion worth of complex grant programs to achieve maximum impact.

Episode 3

16m 15s


Maryam Hussain

EY Global Fraud & Corruption Investigator

Simon Inglis

Partner, Managed Services, Ernst & Young LLP

How grant administrators can get the best outcome from their funds

In this second episode of the Granting the Future podcast, Michael Cooper, UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, discusses how to achieve maximum impact in a complex granting environment.

Episode 2

14m 55s


Matt Wilson

EY EMEIA Grants and Relief Funds Management Leader

How to get grant funding to those most in need

In this first episode of the Granting the Future podcast, Steve Fussell, previously Chief Administrator at Seminole County Government in Florida, discusses the challenge of reaching those most in need.

Episode 1

14m 58s