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What the global energy crisis means for UK energy consumption

Net Zero Nudge is a new podcast series exploring actions required to nudge consumer, government and industry behaviours in order to help the UK achieve its net zero target by 2050.

The first episode of the brand new, six-part podcast series Net Zero Nudge explores how the global energy crisis and challenges around the cost of living will impact energy consumption patterns in the UK.

Simon Cox, Partner, Consulting, Energy & Resources, Ernst & Young LLP joins Matthew Wright, Head of Strategy at National Grid ESO, and Ed Reed, Editor at Energy Voice, for an insightful discussion around the following questions. 

  • How can we nudge consumer behaviour towards energy efficiency and lowering consumption?
  • What are the opportunities to bring in demand-side flexibility to help reduce overall system costs for consumers?
  • What does this mean for the overall sustainability agenda in the face of high inflation and rising cost of living?

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Simon Cox
Partner, Consulting, Energy & Resources, Ernst & Young LLP


Duration 42m 27s

External presenters:
Matthew Wright – Head of Strategy at National Grid ESO
Ed Reed - Editor at Energy Voice