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How you can bring love back into work

In this episode, host Michael Costello interviews best-selling author Marcus Buckingham about his book, Love and Work, revealing why love must come first at work and how to make this happen. 

Most of us actually don’t know the real truth of what we love – what engages us and makes us thrive – and many workplaces, jobs, schools, even our parents, can be focussed on making us conform. 

Chartered psychologist and consultant, Michael Costello, interviews world-famous researcher and best-selling author, Marcus Buckingham, to explore how to decode our own loves, turn them into their most powerful expression, and do the same for those we lead. 

Listen to our second episode of the Think People podcast series and discover how to find purpose and meaning by bringing love back into work.

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Key takeaways:

  • Explore the concept of love and work, and how to find activities you love at work.
  • Reflect on the central role of love in achieving sustainable excellence.
  • Discover the concept of ‘red threads’ and how to recognise them.
  • Complete your own love assessment by reflecting on the ‘red thread questionnaire’.

For your convenience, the full text transcript of this podcast is available.

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Michael Costello
Manager, EY Lane4, EY Professional Services Limited


Duration 35m 24s