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How disruption from COVID-19 can help insurers accelerate change

Insurers are confronting a new environment, in which disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic presents both short- and long-term challenges and opportunities.

By Isabelle Santenac 20 Apr 2020 COVID-19 in financial services

COVID-19: How future investment in cybersecurity will be impacted

The COVID-19 crisis is elevating the importance and value of security leaders and teams.

By EY Global 23 Jul 2020 GISS

More engagement, more anxiety? COVID-19’s impact on the digital home

Digital behaviours and attitudes in the home are in flux in the wake of COVID-19 and resulting lockdown measures

By Praveen Shankar 20 Jul 2020 TMT

Brave new world: How COVID-19 has reshaped the outlook for FDI

UK foreign direct investment attractiveness dips amid COVID-19 but remains resilient as investor priorities shift.

By Mark Gregory 19 Nov 2020 Attractiveness


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Grant Peters

Name:Grant Peters

Job Title:EY Asia-Pacific & Oceania Insurance Sector Leader; Oceania Market Segment Leader, Financial Services
Elliott Shadforth

Name:Elliott Shadforth

Job Title:EY Asia-Pacific Wealth & Asset Management Sector Leader
Andrew Gilder

Name:Andrew Gilder

Job Title:EY Asia-Pacific Banking and Capital Markets Leader; Global Corporate, Commercial and SME (CCSB) Banking Consulting Leader
Kellen Maia de Sá

Name: Kellen Maia de Sá

Job Title:EY Americas FSO Pandemic Response Leader and FSO Risk Management Principal with Ernst & Young LLP (US)

Top 10 challenges and opportunities for the COVID-19 impacted digital home

New research reveals how COVID-19 is dramatically impacting households’ digital activities and the relationships with their providers.

By Praveen Shankar 17 Jun 2020 TMT

COVID-19: What’s next and beyond for tax?

By Suwin Lee 17 Jun 2020 COVID-19

How China’s insurance industry can emerge stronger after COVID-19

China’s insurance industry helped to mitigate the damage caused by COVID-19. How will the industry evolve further in the economic recovery?

By Grant Peters 17 Apr 2020 COVID-19 in financial services

Satisfying the need for news during the COVID-19 crisis

EY’s latest research reveals the levels of increased demand, with exactly half of UK households (50%) saying they are looking for more news now than before the crisis began.

By Martyn Whistler 12 May 2020 COVID-19
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