Female FTSE Board Report 2021: Inclusion works for everyone

In this webcast, we present findings from the Female FTSE Board Report 2021 and have a discussion on the best practices for fostering inclusion

Professor Sue Vinnicombe CBE and Christine de Largy will present findings from the Female FTSE Board Report 2021, giving an update on the number of women currently on FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 boards, and the remaining challenges. They will also explore how companies are managing the balance between initiatives focused on diversity and those focused on inclusion, together with the best practices used by companies to foster an inclusive culture.

Alison Kay, EY UK&I Managing Partner - Client Service, and David Tyler, Chairman of Domestic & General, will give opening remarks, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A chaired by Arun Batra, EY Partner and CEO of the National Equality Standard.

The panel includes:

The topics discussed in this webcast include:

  • An update on the number of women currently on FTSE 100 boards, FTSE 250 boards, in key roles, and the remaining challenges.
  • Analysis on the generative relationship between having a critical mass of women on FTSE 100 boards and the number of women in executive roles.
  • Findings from a qualitative study on how organisations are balancing initiatives focussed on diversity compared to inclusion, what inclusion practices work, how they are measured, and the outcomes.
  • Recommendations on how the UK should move forward post the Hampton-Alexander review findings on increasing the number of women in senior positions in FTSE 350 companies.


Alison Kay
EY UK&I Managing Partner for Client Service
Arun Batra
Partner, Financial Accounting Advisory Services, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Ernst & Young LLP


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