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Today’s market requires businesses to plan more rapidly and assess multiple scenarios at once. We help connect leading technologies and bespoke methodologies through integrated business planning to break down silos and unlock new routes to savings and growth.

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What EY can do for you

Business, markets, expectations and technology have all changed. These monumental shifts necessitate a new framework for business planning, one that’s more integrated than ever before.

Integrated business planning is about connecting what finance and the business are doing, so the organization can react more quickly to any number of external changes, shocks or disruptions. That collaborative approach accelerates speed to impact.

We’ve created a distinctive, integrated approach to business planning that can set your organization apart. Our approach is scalable to meet the specific needs of any given business, at any stage on the growth journey. We work with organizations to build a customized integrated business planning framework that:

  • Dismantles operational silos and aligns processes so functional groups can make better decisions around strategic direction and tactical execution
  • Employs machine learning, AI and proprietary EY accelerators to deliver up-to-date insight
  • Empowers clients to better understand the state of play
  • Surfaces insight to help decision-makers buy, invest, manage and save
  • Creates a sustainable, transparent and controlled method of planning ahead
  • Cultivates shared planning ownership between finance and operations
  • Leverages world-class strategic alliances to help organizations abandon outdated, manual ways of working and embrace new possibilities

Our IBP services include:

  • Full-service process and technology implementation
  • Upfront collaboration session to define and align key business objectives with stakeholders across functions
  • EY wavespace session to co-create an action plan and build out the future vision for your organization on IBP
  • Rapid assessment to baseline performance, applying advanced EY tools and building transformation business cases
  • Prioritization and implementation of use cases to realize benefits of IBP 

Applying integrated business planning is key to navigating market complexity and long-term financial health. The best-performing companies merge operational and financial planning to foster agility and drive valuable bottom-line results. By bringing together better tech, better thinking and better cross-functional teaming, we can tailor our approach to your specific industry or business journey. This is how we empower clients to overcome today’s challenges, drive material improvements to financial performance, scale up and set ambitious new organizational and growth goals.

EY alliance and ecosystem relationships for integrated business planning

Our roster of key alliances and partnerships enables accelerated transformations tailored to the most specific industry and business journeys.

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