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Immerse yourself in our event whilst exploring your options and discover what it means to experience EY, your way.

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    Discover EY

    Through workshops, case studies and networking sessions, you’ll learn lots about what we do – and about yourself. We want to help you understand how you can apply your strengths to your ideal career. If all goes well, we'll fast-track you to the final assessment stages of one of our Belfast undergraduate programmes.
    Event dates: Tuesday 7 June - Thursday 9 June 2022.


    First-year university students and those in their second-year of a four year course, studying any degree discipline.   

    What will you do?

    Over the course of the programme you will take part in:

    • Seminars that will help you understand our business areas and client work
    • Interactive employability workshops with our Talent Team
    • Networking sessions with our people and recent graduates     

    What will you gain?

    • Knowledge about our business areas, clients and the type of work we do
    • Invaluable skills that will help you succeed in the business world
    • Confidence from meeting new people, gaining new friends and increasing your networks         

    Learn more

    The support, guidance, advice and tips you need to apply to one of our programmes. Use our quick links to find out more.

    The exceptional EY experience

    Make an impact in the world of work, ask better questions and find a career as unique as you are. It's yours to build.

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