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Student FAQs

If you have any questions around applying to EY and joining, you’re likely to find your answers here.

2024 Applications are open

Applications to our 2024 programmes are now open.

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    We've pulled together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. From choosing a programme to visa requirements, technical help to joining, you're likely to find the answers below.
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    Keeping you updated

    Your candidate portal will provide you with the current status of your application and you'll also receive email updates when available. Please note, in peak season there may be a short delay in updates.
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    Student helpline

    If you have any technical issues, our team will be happy to help. Take a look at the guidance below and if you still need technical help, contact our team using the details provided under the relevant section.

    Browse our FAQs

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    • Choosing a programme

      • What are the opening and closing dates?

        Opening dates

        Visit our work experienceschool leaver, undergraduate and graduate programme pages to check. If we're not open, you'll be able to register your interest.

        Closing dates

        Unless stated on the individual programme page (make sure you check), applications close as soon as the set number of roles have been filled – so it’s better to apply sooner rather than later!

      • Which programme is right for me?

        We have a few ways of helping you decide where you may fit best in EY:

        • EY Pathfinder
          If you're interested in applying to us, but unsure what to apply to, our EY Pathfinder can help by matching your strengths to our business areas in just seven scenario-based questions.

        • Programme pages
          Visit individual programme pages to find out more about the role and the work you'll be doing.

        • Chat to us online
          Speak to those who are currently on our student programmes across the UK. Hear their insights and experiences by asking your questions.

        • Events
          We regularly run events so you can get the chance to speak to our people and recruiters and find out more about working at EY and our culture.

        • Careers advisor
          Meet with your campus or schools' careers advisor or talk to your lecturers or peers. They will have insights and advice to help you make your career choice.
      • Can I apply to more than one programme?

        Unfortunately, no. We want you to apply the programme that interests you the most. If you need any help choosing the right programme, take a look at our EY Pathfinder.

        If you go through the process and want to apply to another programme, you can withdraw but you will need to start from the very beginning of the process – we're unable to offer any swaps throughout the recruitment process.

        If you are rejected from any stage in the process, in line with our policy, you will need to wait six months before making another application to an EY student vacancy.

      • What are your intake dates?

        We can’t give you exact dates, but these are often in:
        • Career Starters - end of July
        • Discover EY - throughout April
        • Four-week summer internships - late June
        • One-year industrial placements - end of July
        • Apprenticeships and graduate programmes - mostly in August/September but there are some with start dates at different times of the year. Check the individual programme pages for more information
        These may change and if you're successful through the process, you'll be notified of the exact dates during the onboarding process.
      • What are the starting salaries?

        These are all different depending on what programme you join and where. We don’t discuss salaries before an offer is made, so this is all the information we can give to you.

      • Can I apply for a deferred entry?

        You'll need to let us know as soon as possible and make your request in writing, and it will need to be approved by the individual business area that you're applying to. Our team will be able to discuss this with you if you wish to defer.

    • Eligibility and visas

      • What degree do I need to join the graduate programme?

        Most of our programmes are open to graduates with an honours degree in any subject. Only a small number require a specific degree, so please check the requirements on the individual programme page.

      • What are your academic requirements? If I don't meet them, can I still apply?

        We operate an open access policy and we don’t screen out any applications on your academic performance at A-Level or Degree alone. However, you will need a minimum of grade 4/C in GCSE (or equivalent) in English Language and Maths to be eligible to apply.

        For some of our roles there are additional specific requirements due to the nature of the role or programme. Please check the individual programme pages for further guidance.

        While we welcome applications from candidates of all academic backgrounds, we are looking to recruit individuals who will succeed at EY in the role and future qualifications. We have completed several studies on academic attainment at A level (or equivalents), candidate performance in the online assessments in the EY recruitment process, and how that predicts future performance at EY.

        Throughout the recruitment process, we therefore assess your suitability for an EY role by considering your scores in the online assessments alongside your academic attainment at A level or equivalent. We combine this with your scores obtained in the online assessments, and expect a minimum threshold to be achieved. 

        This approach is designed to ensure our joiners are successful in role and, where relevant, in the achievement of their professional qualifications. It is important to EY, and we have a duty of care which we take very seriously, to ensure our joiners are set up for long-term success.

        If you are applying to one of our Business or Degree Apprenticeship positions, and are yet to obtain your A levels, Highers or equivalents, it is very important that you provide accurately predicted grades on your EY application form. An EY Apprenticeship offer is conditional on you obtaining the top three A Levels/top five Highers (or equivalents) that you predicted on your EY application form. If you do not meet your predicted grades, there is a risk your offer will be withdrawn. On results day we will verify your results to determine if you are still eligible for your offer of employment.

      • I finished my studies a few years ago, can I still apply?


        To apply for an apprenticeship you should be:

        • Not be undertaking any other publicly-funded education or training when starting your apprenticeship

        And either:

        • Be a UK or EEA national and have resided in the UK or EEA for at least 3 years prior to starting your apprenticeship, or

        • Be a non-UK, non-EEA national and have resided in the UK for at least 3 years prior to starting your apprenticeship, or

        • Hold another immigration status such as refugee status or indefinite leave to remain

        Please note that these eligibility criteria are set down by the UK government and may be subject to change from time to time. Please check the government website for further updates.


        We’re more than happy to accept applications from people who have already graduated.

      • Can I apply for an apprenticeship position in the UK if I need a visa?

        Unfortunately, we're unable to provide visa sponsorship if you require a work visa for our apprenticeship programmes.

      • Can I apply for an undergraduate position in the UK if I need a visa?

        Unfortunately, we're unable to sponsor work visas for internships and fixed-term placements.

        That said, if you're already in full-time education in the UK on a Tier 4 Student visa, you might be able to take up temporary work during your holidays or as part of your studies, under current regulations. Our summer internships run for four weeks, and the Home Office has stated that you’ll need to give us proof of your term times, so we can confirm you’ll only be working in your holidays and in-line with your visa conditions. 

        There are no special deadlines for applications for our summer internships, only the ones shown on the programme pages. All you’ll need is the necessary right to work in the UK, by the time it starts.

        If you’re not sure of your right to work in the UK, please visit the UK Home Office website for more information.

      • Can I apply for a graduate position in the UK if I need a work permit?

        Yes, you can. We welcome applications from non-UK nationals but there are some restrictions you’ll need to know about when you apply. First of all, you need to make sure you meet the visa eligibility criteria for people looking to work in the UK, before you start on a programme. You can find out more about working visas from the UK Home Office - Visas and Immigration website.

        The standard government processing time for a Skilled Worker visa is 8-10 weeks so we would encourage you to make your application leaving enough time for us to meet with you during the recruitment process, and if you're successful, for us to apply for your visa.

        If you require visa sponsorship, most of our graduate programmes can support all the conditions set out by the Home Office Codes of Practice. They are:

        • Any graduate programme in Assurance, Strategy and Transactions, Consulting, Law, Technology and Tax (other than Northern Ireland)

        Unfortunately, we can’t support any applications for programmes other than those listed above because of the salary benchmark set by the UK government.

        Please also be aware that the Home Office regularly change the immigration rules. If that happens, and the changes affect the viability of your application before your start date, we reserve the right to change how we process applications, in line with the new regulations. Having a valid right to work status in place in time for the start of the graduate programme is a mandatory condition of you being able to start work with EY.

        If you’re unsure about your eligibility to work in the UK, please visit the UK Home Office - Visas and Immigration website.

    • Application portal and process

      • How do I start the application process?

        First of all, you need to be sure about which programme you want to apply to. Then, go to that programme page and click the ‘Apply now’ button. You’ll then be taken to our job portal where you can start your application by creating an account.

        If you require any adjustments or do not have access to technology, or the right setting to complete the online/virtual parts of the process, you can call us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm UK time or email our Student Recruitment team and we'll be happy to help.

        Read more about our approach to adjustments.

      • How can I check I'm in the correct year of study to be eligible?

        For most of our programmes, it means that you must have completed the required academic qualification before the programme starts and if you haven’t, your application could be rejected. If you’re still not sure, please see the below criteria:

        Business Academy

        When applying, you need to be in year 12/5th year completing three A levels, five Scottish Highers or equivalent qualifications.

        Business Apprenticeship

        When applying, you need to be on track to achieve, or have achieved, three A-Levels, five Scottish Highers or equivalent, before the start date in September 2023. If you're now working, you'll have attained three A levels, five Highers or equivalent qualifications.

        Degree Apprenticeship

        Eligible applicants still studying, must be completing three A levels, five Scottish Highers or equivalent qualifications. If you are now working, you’ll have attained three A levels, five Highers or equivalent qualifications.

        Discover EY

        These events are for undergraduates in their first year of university (or year two of a four-year course), or penultimate year of university. Each one has unique criteria so check the details of the programme you’re interested in. Students from UK universities are eligible.

        Summer Internship

        When applying, you should be on track to achieve an honours degree and also be in your penultimate year. You can also apply if you’ve already graduated with an honours degree but are doing a one-year master’s degree or taking a gap year from September 2023. Due to UK policies, you must be based in the UK for the entire duration of the programme.

        Industrial Placement

        When applying, you should be on track to achieve an undergraduate honours degree and be in your penultimate year of study. This programme is for those requiring a placement year during their degree.

        Graduate programme

        When applying, you should be on track to achieve, or have achieved, an honours degree in Summer 2023. All course elements of your Degree or Masters Degree must have been fully completed ahead of the start date in August or September 2023.

      • I require adjustments to the selection process – should I declare it?

        It’s really up to you. We want to treat everyone equally and fairly, and if you’d like to tell us about your circumstances, we can help with adjustments or support during the recruitment process. There’s a dedicated section on our application form for this and we ask that you contact our Student Recruitment team either by phone or email before completing any assessments. Any conversations we have with you about this will be confidential.

        You don't need to share any detail that you don't want to - we are purely interested in the adjustments and support you require so we can help you as best as we can.

        If you would like us to apply any adjustments to the process, you must tell us before you complete any assessments. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to let you re-sit any assessments if you request adjustments after completion.

        If you’d like to discuss your application first, please contact us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5.30pm UK time or email the Student Recruitment team and we’ll do what we can to answer your questions.

      • What does the contextual information statement mean?

        We are proud to have partnered with RARE, so that your application can be assessed in the context of your socio-economic background. This allows us to better understand and give you the maximum possible credit for your achievements, assessing whether you have overachieved in light of your wider personal circumstances. If you’re happy to supply us with this information, you will be asked to complete a short information form, as part of your application form. You can also choose to opt out of sharing this information. Please note, supplying us with this information will not negatively impact your application. Find out more about RARE’s Consent and Privacy notice.

      • Do I need to disclose a criminal conviction if it's spent?

        You don’t need to disclose spent convictions to potential employers under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, but you do need to declare unspent convictions. Cautions, convictions, reprimands and final warnings can all be considered spent after their rehabilitation period has ended, which is decided by the sentence or when you receive an out-of-court disposal.

        That said, some roles are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. Chartered Accountancy is one of them, so if you’re applying for a programme that leads to membership of a Chartered Accountancy body, you must disclose all spent or unspent convictions. At EY, that means you’ll need to declare spent convictions when applying.

        Find more information about disclosing criminal records to employers.

      • Editing or deleting my profile

        Editing your personal details

        You can edit your personal details online by logging into your account at any time. Please ensure your email address and mobile numbers are up to date, as this will be the primary method of communication with you.

        Deleting your profile and job submissions

        You can request deletion of these at any stage. We will complete your request in line with our retention policy. To request deletion of your account or withdraw a specific job submission, please contact us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5.30pm UK time or email the Student Recruitment team.

      • Withdrawal or changing programmes

        Reinstating your application

        If your application has been inactive for 10 days, we'll assume you're no longer interested in continuing and withdraw you from the process. If this is incorrect, we can reinstate your application up to the stage you were last at providing the role is still accepting applications.

        Changing programmes

        If you're in the process and want to apply to another programme, you can withdraw but you will need to start from the very beginning of the process – we're unable to offer any swaps throughout the recruitment process.

        Withdrawing from the process

        Please contact us if you’d like to change the programme you’ve applied to or withdraw from our process. 

        For all the above queries, please contact us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5.30pm UK time or email the Student Recruitment team.

      • If I’m not successful, can I reapply?

        Yes, if your application is unsuccessful at any of the assessment stages, however you'll need to wait to apply again after six months from the date you were rejected out of the process. When you apply a second time, you’ll need to use a new email address because of restrictions in our system. If you are rejected from any stage in the process, in line with our policy, you will need to wait six months before making another application to an EY student vacancy. You will also be required to declare on your application that it is your only application in a six-month period.  

        If your application has been unsuccessful because the roles have been filled, we can’t accept another application from you this time around but we’ll be in touch if a vacancy becomes available. Depending on the role and programme you’ve applied to and where you are in the recruitment process, we may be able to offer you the option to divert your application to another role and/or location. We will be in touch with you directly if you are eligible for this. And lastly, if you’ve chosen to withdraw your application or the area you applied to is full, then there’s no time constraint before you can apply again.

      • I’ve been contacted by a company/individual offering to support me through the recruitment process for a cost, should I use this service?

        Please protect yourself. It’s not something that we’d ever condone anyone at EY to do, so in the first place we recommend ignoring it as it’s most likely a scam. There are internship or job scams that may be using false LinkedIn or Google+ profiles of EY people. Here are some common warning signs to lookout for:

        • EY (Ernst & Young LLP) will never ask you for money for training, classes, equipment, software, etc
        • Legitimate EY employees have email addresses ending in or If someone claiming to work for us or a recruiter contacts you with an internship or job offer and it seems suspicious, ask to be contacted via an EY corporate email account
        • Be cautious of emails with grammatical and spelling errors
        • The only way to apply for a position at EY is through our online applicant tracking system, which is only accessible from so don’t be fooled into applying by responding via email
        • Also, you’ll be able to see all correspondence from us, to you, in your account area
      • EY Student Recruitment assessment process terms and conditions

        Before you submit any application, you will be asked to confirm you have read and agree with our assessment process terms and conditions below:

        As part of our core EY values, we look for people who demonstrate integrity and respect. We want all our people to have a clear sense of personal and professional accountability.

        We also want and need to protect the integrity of the assessments throughout our process as we wish to ensure the fairest opportunity possible for all candidates. Accordingly, we require as a condition of application, that you agree to and adhere to the participation rules below:

        Participation Rules

        • All information submitted as part of your application must be accurate
        • You must submit only one application at a time
        • If you are rejected at any stage in the application process, you must wait a minimum of six months before re-applying for an EY student vacancy. You can submit a maximum of two applications per year in accordance with the six months reapplication rule
        • You alone must complete all assessments independently, without any assistance and answer honestly and as yourself
        • You must not disclose or share with any other person materials (in whole or part) from any EY assessment.  All such materials belong to EY and/or its licensors and are protected under intellectual property laws, including confidentiality and copyright. EY reserves all its rights to take such actions as may be available at law in the event of any unauthorised use, copying or disclosure of the same. 
        • You must not use anyone else’s materials or work within an assessment
        • If requested to have your camera on during an assessment, you must keep this on at all times
        • If requested to have your microphone on during an assessment you must keep this on at all times
        • You agree to re-sit any of the assessments at any point during the process if so requested by EY
        • If there is any suspicion that you are receiving help to complete any assessment, your assessment will be suspended, and your application could be rejected and/or any offer withdrawn

        By submitting your application and participating in any of our assessments you confirm that you understand and agree to the above terms. EY reserve the right to take suitable steps where it has reasonable grounds to believe a breach of the above terms has arisen, including, without limitation, to seek a re-test, to suspend or exclude you from the process, or to withdraw an offer. 


    • Stages and assessments

      • What does each stage involve?

        Learn more about each stage of the application process for each programme. We’ve made it clear and helpful, so you know what to expect at every stage. 

        If you require any adjustments or do not have access to technology, or the right setting to complete the online/virtual parts of the process, you can call us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm UK time or email our Student Recruitment team and we'll be happy to help.

      • How much time should I allow for the different stages of the process?

        We recommend you complete all stages in a quiet setting with no distractions. Each stage should take approximately:
        • EY One – 60 minutes on average but can vary per business area
        • Numerical reasoning test – 20 minutes
      • Do I have to complete the assessments in one sitting?

        We strongly recommend you complete an assessment in one sitting, especially if it's getting close to the end of the application window! 

        Please note:

        • During our online assessments, you will be presented with a range of sources and scenarios that reflect our role in a connected world. None of the questions in this assessment require you to perform calculations, so you will not need a calculator
        • The instructions page to the Numerical Reasoning Test contains a link to complete a short practice test. We would strongly recommend that you do this before proceeding to the live test. Please ensure you are ready to complete the live assessment in one sitting as you won’t be able to return once you exit.
        • The Job Simulation will give you an insight into what it is like to work in the business area you have applied for. The video section of this stage should be completed in one sitting, so be ready and in a quiet location when recording your answers
        • Make sure you are using a modern web browser to complete each assessment. We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser, as this is the most reliable
        • For the best experience, we recommend completing all assessments on a laptop or desktop device. We would also recommend using a windows-based device for the most reliable experience

        Remember, you have to complete all the assessments within the timeframe given in your invitation email, if you don’t, we can’t consider you.

      • Are the assessments timed?

        Most of our assessments are not timed, however our Numerical Reasoning Test is time recorded so we recommend that you work quickly and accurately through the assessment. Our EY One process has some timed assessments within it. Whilst the overall assessment is not timed, you will have a limited amount of time to answer the specific video questions. 

        If you require any adjustments or do not have access to technology, or the right setting to complete the process, please let us know in advance by contacting us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm UK time or email our Student Recruitment team and we'll be happy to help.

        Read more about our approach to adjustments and accessibility of our selection process.

      • I’ve made it through to ‘Shortlisting', what does this mean for my application?

        The next stage of the application process is shortlisting ahead of our final stages. During this stage, we will look at your application and performance throughout the whole process. If you are successful through the shortlisting process, you will then receive an invite for one of our Experience Days or Final Interview, depending on the programme you are applying to.

        What is shortlisting?

        Shortlisting involves looking at your application and performance throughout the whole process. Your application and performance will be reviewed, and the highest performers will receive an invitation to the next stage. If your application required a motivational statement or had a specific degree requirement, this will also be reviewed during the shortlisting process by the Student Recruitment team.

        How long does the shortlisting process take?

        Shortlisting is an ongoing process, so there is no strict timeframe for how long it will take. The timeframe will be dependent on the business area, location, and role you applied for. All applications will be reviewed based on their performance through the process so far.

      • Do I need to attend an in-person Experience Day if I apply for the Assurance Graduate Programme?

        As part of the application process for the Assurance Graduate Programme, we'll be holding EY experience days in our UK offices. This will be a great opportunity for you to meet us in-person and experience the EY working environment. If for an exceptional reason you cannot attend in-person, we may be able to offer you a virtual alternative.  If you would like any further guidance on what may constitute as an exceptional reason, including requesting adjustments, you can call us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. UK time or email our Student Recruitment team and we’ll be happy to help.

        For all other programmes under Assurance, the EY Experience day will be virtual.

      • Can I claim travel expenses incurred for attending an in-person Experience Day for the Assurance Graduate Programme?

        If you are invited to our Assurance Graduate Programme in-person experience day we will provide you with full guidance on our expenses policy. Please do not book travel until we send you the guidelines on how to do so. EY will support with reimbursement of travel expenses up to a set maximum amount and in-line with our expenses policy.  We aim to give you at least 1 week's notice prior to attending an experience day.

        For all other programmes under Assurance, the EY Experience day will be virtual.

      • I can’t travel to a UK EY office, can I still attend an Experience Day for the Assurance Graduate Programme?

        For the Assurance Graduate Programme, you’re welcome to attend our in-person experience day in one of our UK offices. However, if this is not possible for you, either because you’re living outside of the UK or require adjustments, we will review your circumstances and discuss alternative virtual options. Please see our Accessibility page here for further guidance on our adjustment process.

        For all other  programmes under Assurance, the EY Experience day will be virtual.

    • Technical Issues

      • How can I reset my password?

        Click on the link to access your profile and at the login page click ‘Forgotten password.’ Follow the prompts and you'll receive an email with the next steps.

        If you still have trouble accessing your information or you’ve been locked out, please contact us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5.30pm UK time or email the Student Recruitment team.

      • I’m having trouble editing my application form, what should I do?

        You’ll need to log back into your account and take the steps to complete your form. If you’re still having problems, please contact us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5.30pm UK time or email the Student Recruitment team.

      • I’m experiencing technical difficulties with the online assessments, what should I do?

        Please contact us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5.30pm UK time or email the Student Recruitment team.

      • I’m having issues receiving emails from EY, what can I do?

        We sometimes have issues with Hotmail email addresses that often reject or block our emails. Check your junk folder if this continues, it’s best if you contact us using a different email address and also update the details in your EY profile too.

      • I can't find the option to submit my CV and cover letter?

        A CV or cover letter is not required for student applications. We want to treat all applicants equally and fairly, so everyone must complete the same online application form. Answer all the questions fully and we’ll fully consider your application.

        If you're unable to complete your form online or need any adjustments, please contact us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5.30pm UK time or email the Student Recruitment team.

    • Joining us

      • What documentation will I need to produce before joining?

        You will need to provide proof of your nationality and immigration status so we can verify your right to work in the UK. The Student Recruitment team will give you further guidance on this. 

      • Do I pay for any professional qualifications or training on the programme?

        No, we’ll cover the costs for you. If for some reason you need to re-sit your exams, we’ll work out the next steps together.

      • Will I be offered a role after I complete a programme?

        Depending on the programme you've chosen, if all goes well, you could be fast-tracked onto one of our summer internships, industrial placements or graduate programmes.

        As a graduate, if all goes well, you can expect to continue your EY journey with the opportunity to build your career in your preferred area.

      • What are the working hours like?

        That’s difficult to say because there's no typical week at EY and your hours will vary according to the project you're involved in. During busy periods, you may be asked to work late, more regularly at client sites or in some circumstances, at weekends. By communicating regularly with your team and manager, you'll be able to understand their expectations and plan your time effectively, enabling you to manage your work-life balance.

      • What support do you provide for employees with disabilities, that are neurodivergent, or with long-term health conditions?

        During the application process, our online form has a dedicated section where you can tell us if you have a disability, are neurodivergent, or have a long-term health condition. You don’t need to tell us what this is in detail, as we are only interested in the support or adjustments you might require through the assessment and selection process.

        If you receive an offer, again you’ll have the chance to tell us about any disability and/or long-term health condition, if you want. We can also arrange for someone from our dedicated HR team to discuss what you need in the workplace so we can support you. If necessary, we’ll even have  someone from our Occupational Health or the Health and Safety team work with you on workplace adjustments. Sometimes, this may include a visit to the office ahead of your start date to get a feel for your new work environment.

        Our long-standing, multi-award-winning Ability EY employee network works to support and educate our people, to enable our firm to be more disability confident. We are committed to providing information, tools and support to people affect by disability, as well as the opportunity for exceptional careers. Ability EY’s diverse membership provides a strong base and allows group members to benefit from a variety of perspectives.  We also encourage our business leaders to share their personal experiences.

        To find out more about the support we provide to students who require adjustments require adjustments during the application and recruitment process, and within the workplace, please view our profile on My Plus Students’ Club and our Accessibility page.

        If you’d like to discuss your application or have questions about the support we offer, please contact us on +44(0)800 289 208 between Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5.30pm UK time or email the Student Recruitment team and we’ll do what we can to answer your questions.

      • What are my career development opportunities?

        You will develop with lots of support from us. We aim to give you interesting and challenging work that allows you to continually develop your skills and knowledge. And we back up your day-to-day responsibilities with one of the most comprehensive training programmes in the business.

        It’s called LEAD and it reflects a commitment to your development. We work with you to understand your individual strengths and aspirations and then offer you the right blend of experiences, learning and coaching to meet these. This approach will help accelerate your progress and support your career goals and aspirations.

        Learn more about our personalised career development.

      • What support will I receive at EY?

        You will have a counselor who will be assigned to support your career development and performance. They will also be key to helping you transition into EY. They will provide connections to resources, help you build your networks and understand how to contribute effectively at EY. 

        You can expect to meet with your counselor regularly to discuss your activities, achievements and feedback and work together to identify the right learning and experiences for you and your career.

        You will also have a buddy who is assigned to help you settle into life at EY, someone perhaps a year ahead of you who can help you with day-to-day questions.

        If you’re joining on an apprenticeship programme, you’ll also get an EY Student Coach who is assigned to help you with any additional support you may need to complete your apprenticeship successfully.

      • What’s EY's approach to diversity and inclusiveness?

        The environment at EY is diverse, equitable and inclusive, built around the idea of recognising and celebrating all differences. 

        We promote a culture of respect in the workplace so everyone can feel free to be themselves. Diverse viewpoints combined with teaming and leading inclusively are the catalysts that lead to better questions and better answers. That’s when creative ideas flow, igniting innovation and inspiring more effective solutions. 

        A sense of belonging is key to helping people contribute fully at work and enjoy what they do. That’s why we want to help everyone at EY feel recognised, valued and part of the EY family. 

        Learn more about belonging at EY.

      • What do people wear at EY?

        Our office dress policy is 'dress for your day'. This means you can dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable for the day you have planned. The exception to this rule is when you're based at client sites and we encourage you to adopt the client's dress code policy.

      • What’s EY’s policy on flexible working?

        We understand that success is broader than what you achieve at the office. That's why we support one another in achieving life balance, in reaching our personal goals, and keeping our personal commitments. 

        If you need to discuss flexible working options, we’re happy to find solutions that will work for us both. The key is communicating often with your team and manager and remaining flexible. We understand how having these options can make a real difference to your professional and personal success.

        Find out more about how we're moving from our long-standing culture of flexible working to a hybrid working model.

      • How can I get involved in my local community?

        We encourage you to support your community in any way you can. All of our people are given two days of paid leave each year to dedicate to volunteering activities that always offer something back.

        Find out more about our Corporate Responsibility and UK charity, the EY Foundation.

      • What’s EY's approach towards environmental sustainability?

        We are committed to building a better working world – one that includes sustainable growth. We recognise our obligation towards our people and the wider communities in which we operate to minimise the impact of our business operations on the environment. As such, the UK Firm is committed to driving a more environmentally sustainable future, and all of our people are required to cooperate to ensure that it is fully implemented.

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