Assurance Graduate Programme options

With a choice of four programmes in Assurance, you can specialise in the work that most interests you.

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What is Assurance at EY?

Our Assurance teams analyse the data behind our clients’ businesses to give them, their investors and market regulators a clear picture of how they’re performing. Do you have the eye for detail needed to work in Assurance?


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Here are the programmes you can choose from


As an external auditor, you'll help companies publish accurate financial accounts others can rely on.

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Technology Risk

To support financial audits, you'll help companies gain confidence in the quality of their data and IT security.

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Financial Assurance Advisory Services

Help CFOs and Treasurers transform their business through innovation whilst studying for a professional qualification.

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Extended Assurance

Help organisations turn big ideas into business-changing reality while studying for a professional qualification.

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