Environmental sustainability

We recognise that environmentally responsible and sustainable business practice is important to our people, resonates with our clients and adds value to our supply chain. We’re committed to building a better working world that embraces sustainable growth, recognising our obligation to our people and the communities in which we operate to minimise our environmental impact.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility

The scale and severity of plastics pollution on marine life, the food chain and ultimately human health is receiving unprecedented attention, with a call to action from international organisations, governments – and our own people. Find out how we're responding via our plastics reduction strategy.

We work closely with our supply partners to ensure we engage environmentally responsible companies that collaborate and drive innovation, and we understand the value of engaging our people to raise awareness of sustainability issues.

As a professional services firm, the products we deliver to our clients are based on intellectual capital rather than a physical entity. So our environmental impacts stem from our offices and related business travel. Find out more about our environmental performance and our approach to managing our impact:

We are proud to have achieved a number of recognised standards in environmental management, reporting and benchmarking. Find out more about our environmental credentials.

We’re also providing our clients with knowledge-based services in optimising market opportunities as we shift towards a resource-efficient and low-carbon economy: