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How understanding social mobility can bring us together

In the second episode of the Strong When We Belong podcast series, host Mona Bitar explores what social mobility really means and how it can impact our working lives.

In the second episode of our, Strong When We Belong podcast series, host Mona Bitar is joined by guests Mudassar Chaudhry, Manager, Sustainable Business (Culture, Diversity & Inclusion), Ernst & Young LLP, Jacob Ayenamayi, Consultant, People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP and Helen Kelly, Manager, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Ernst & Young LLP to discuss social mobility and how this can impact the workplace.

Mudassar and Jacob share their experiences on growing up in East London and how this has influenced not only their own social status but that of their family and friends too. Similarly, Helen discusses what it was like growing up in North Belfast in a lower socio-economic area, before moving to England for university. 

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding what social mobility is and how it impacts different people
  • Understanding how social mobility can create an inclusive workplace, helping diverse individuals and teams thrive

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Mona Bitar
EY UK&I Vice Chair


Duration 27m 38s