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The race for talent has accelerated the demand for hybrid work models. EY Mobility Pathway – Hybrid Work is a global workforce management tool, powered by Microsoft Azure, that provides a single platform for remote, hybrid and flexible work requests.

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Your business challenge

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for hybrid and flexible working models. The EY 2021 Work Reimagined Employer Survey found that 79% of the employers agree that their company is actively promoting hybrid work to retain and attract talent. However, adopting and implementing a hybrid workforce model requires careful consideration and risk management, including:

  • Organisations need to identify the roles that are conducive to hybrid working.
  • They need to be able to access data at scale and assess compliance considerations, to be able to take the right decisions.
  • Employers need to implement newer and better digital tools to enable seamless collaboration, productivity, and employee engagement.

Solution benefits

EY Mobility Pathway – Hybrid Work enables organisations to centralise all remote and flexible work requests at scale, creating a consistent, global management process for policy operational efficiency, risk management and tracking.

It can help you:

  • Streamline the process of requesting and approving alternate working arrangements
  • Request and review the impact of various short-, medium- and long-term remote and flexible working options
  • Identify and flag aspects of corporate and individual risk in tax, immigration, and sector-specific regulation
  • Provide critical data analytics and reporting to support long-term business decisions in workforce planning, cost and operational transformation, real estate, and diversity and inclusion
  • Be future-ready with Microsoft’s platform technology enabling scalability, cross-platform mobile experiences and easy integration with your existing systems

Disclaimer: The technology mentioned herein is under the final stages of development. Please contact your local Ernst & Young professional for additional information regarding anticipated market release timing.

Solution features & functionality

  • Employee- or employer-initiated hybrid, remote or flexible work requests with line manager or human resources (HR) approvals and work flows
  • Remote work viability assessment based on the role and responsibilities, and the methods of working 
  • Policy-based risk assessments tailored to your organisation’s risk framework 
  • Employer dashboards and analytics on aggregated remote work request data to inform future planning
  • Leverages and integrates Microsoft's cloud technologies, including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365

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