Net zero banking webcast

We are pleased to invite you to EY's next event discussing the challenges and solutions of measuring and reducing financed carbon emissions of financial institutions. 

There is a growing momentum in regulatory and public expectations toward banks to make ambitious commitments in the context of financed emission reduction. To fulfill these commitments, however, is a massive challenge. The key first step in the process is to quantify and disclose these emissions, which can seem to be very hard to overcome. But there are solutions available and during this webinar, we aim to highlight some of them you can leverage on regarding your decarbonization journey.


During the webinar, we will look for answers to the following questions: 

  • What do EBA's Pillar 3 ESG disclosure requirements mean in the context of decarbonization? 
  • Through which alliances can banks upscale their knowledge and demonstrate their engagement toward the net zero operation?
  • What is the process and benefits of setting science-based carbon reduction targets? 
  • How to design a tailor-made decarbonization strategy that is integrated into the organization from top to bottom? 
  • What technological solutions are there to make data an ally of banks on their net zero journey? 


  • Eszter Raciborski (Senior Analyst, Central Bank of Hungary)
  • Ákos Lukács (Partner, EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services)
  • Miklós Tóth (Senior Manager, EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services)
  • Christina Nikolopoulou (Manager, EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services)
  • Gábor Fábián (Vice President - Research, MSCI)
  • Barnabás Ács Dr. (Global Solutions Sales Director - Sustainable Finance & Investing, London Stock Exchange Group)
  • Tamás Kubicsek (IBM Envizi Growth Leader)


The webinar will be held in English.  


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EY Net zero banking webcast

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