Porté fotó Farkas Ádámról

dr. Farkas Ádám

EY Magyarország, Felelős Üzleti Működés Szolgáltatások, szenior menedzser

Ádám több mint 10 éves szakmai tapasztalattal rendelkezik, szabadidejében rendszeresen kutat, publikál és oktat.

Area of focus Könyvvizsgálat
Iroda Budapest, HU

Ádám believes - and, in fact, he can prove - that transparency and ethical operations contribute to a company's competitiveness and profitability to a great extent. That is why his main focus is on delivering this message to as many people as possible during his working hours and beyond, in his free time. He is an expert in the field of Compliance, AML, anti-fraud and data privacy.

Ádám is also a lecturer and a published author at the state authority, public administration with great experience in corporate compliance. He also has some background in IT. His credentials include a law degree and Bar exam, CISA, Public Administration Professional Exam and the first book in Hungary about key topics of corporate compliance.

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