Lisa Hartkopf
Change is happening at an unprecedented speed and the scale of disruption left in its wake is unheard of. We need to identify ways to evolve Internal Audit to avoid being disrupted.

Lisa Hartkopf

EY Americas Advisory Internal Audit Leader

Strategic leader in transforming internal audit and controls. Generates energy and passion that can be leveraged in authentic ways to enable others to recognize their talent and potential. Mother.

Fókuszterület Risk Üzleti tanácsadás
Iroda Chicago, US

Lisa is EY Americas Advisory Internal Audit Leader and works closely with her counterparts in other regions to lead innovation, thought leadership, methodology, strategy and client service for EY internal audit services.

She spends time engaging with clients to share leading practices, transform internal audit functions and internal control programs as well as to drive awareness of the value of internal audit to an organization.

Lisa earned a BS in Accounting from Purdue University.

How Lisa is building a better working world

“In my work with clients and teams, I focus on raising awareness of risks and identifying ways to strategically manage those risks through controls. Enhancing the value of internal audit to the organization can bring a whole new level of awareness and a risk lens to an organization’s strategic objectives.”

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