Az EY vállalati finanszírozással foglalkozó szakemberei egyaránt rendelkeznek pénzügyi és tőkepiaci szakértelemmel így hatékonyan tudják támogatni a CFO-kat a megfelelő döntéshozatalban.

Kapcsolódó tartalmak Stratégia és Tranzakciók

Hogyan segítheti az EY?

Vállalati finanszírozással foglalkozó csapatunk támgatja a  döntéshozatalt, hogy a megfelelő kockázat-megtérülés arány mellett tudjon forrást szerezni.

Nálunk megvannak a válaszok a következő kérdésekre:

  • Honnan tudom, hogy a jó projekteket finanszírozom?
  • Hogyan tudom előrevetíteni a jövőbeni pénzügyi teljesítményem?
  • Hogyan teheti jövőállóvá az üzletem a megfelelő befektetési és adó stratégia?
  • Hogyan tudom a legjobb pénzügyi forrást megteremteni a befektetéseimhez? 
  • Hogyan tudom maximalizálni a befektetőim bizalmát?

Az alábbi területeken támogatjuk céljai megvalósítását:

  • Tőkeallokáció

    Capital allocation is the assessment, planning, review and prioritization of the use of financial resources across an organization. Making the right capital allocation decisions is essential to maintaining your company’s long-term growth and increasing shareholder returns.

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  • Stratégiai alternatívák

    The strategic alternatives framework is designed to help you identify, quantify and compare the impact of various alternatives to create long-term stakeholder value. EY data-driven framework can analyze important decisions from a financial, operational and tax perspective.

  • Portfolio optimalizáció

    A strategic portfolio analysis is a systematic and continuous approach to evaluating the performance of a set of businesses such that value delivery can be achieved and improved through changing strategic, operational and market dynamics.

  • Szenárió tervezés és előrjelzés

    EY forecasting and scenario planning services leverage advanced modeling and analytical techniques to predict and evaluate the financial impact of operational and strategic options. Amid increasingly volatile business environments, your company must learn to adapt processes and harness technology to efficiently generate accurate forecasts.

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  • Balance sheet optimalizáció

    Balance sheet optimization helps you create sustainable value by improving the return on invested capital. This approach integrates several service offerings including working capital optimization, real estate and capital assets optimization, and debt and equity capital markets.

  • Board tanácsadás

    Board advisory services are provided to boards, special committees and other fiduciaries to help them mitigate risk, discharge fiduciary duties and make informed decisions. The services are regularly obtained by board members, CEOs, CFOs, in-house legal counsel and corporate development teams. Services may include shareholder activism and a fairness opinion

  • Vállalatirányítás

    For large-scale infrastructure projects and programs, EY teams advise both public and private sector organizations on issues related to:

    • Financial
    • Procurement
    • Strategic
    • Public-private partnerships (PPP)

    The wide range of EY advisory services includes support from the earliest stages of analysis, from project evaluation to procurement, financial close, construction and operations. EY teams can assist you in devising and comparing financial plans and delivery approaches for projects that involve public, federal or private financing, project revenues and/or grants — and provide support to EY clients in their implementation of those plans.

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  • M&A tanácsadás

    EY M&A advisory teams across the globe provide a wide range of services through 1,900+ dedicated EY professionals in more than 65 countries to help you meet your strategic objectives.

    From mergers and acquisitions to divestitures, debt and equity capital markets to real estate and infrastructure transactions, EY teams advise on real-world strategies to help drive long-term growth.

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  • Értékelés és modellezés

    Strategic planning and transactions are critical moments for companies, and we guide you through valuation, business modeling implications to better understand the impact on your business.

    EY economic advisory teams help you improve economic strategy, forecast more accurately and better manage your commercial and capital decisions.

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