How you can design and deliver a strategy fit for the real world?

2 perces olvasási idő 1 dec. 2021
2 perces olvasási idő 1 dec. 2021

CEOs need to make big changes fast, and they need strategy that works in today’s real world.

Three questions to ask
  • How can you combine corporate, transaction and turnaround strategy to reimagine your ecosystem?
  • How can you reshape your portfolio and reinvent yourself for a better future?
  • How can you create financial, human, consumer and societal long-term value?

From accelerated digital transformation to sector dislocation and convergence; from the rise of regionalization to a global focus on sustainability; from managing the operational day-to-day to anticipating the changing consumer demands of tomorrow, 2020 was a year that reshaped a generation. 

For CEOs to respond to these often divergent stakeholder needs, they will have to reset their strategies and implement them at double speed.

Watch our video to learn more about having a real-world strategy.


EY-Parthenon teams help CEOs design and deliver strategies to better manage challenges while maximizing opportunities, as they transform their businesses in the post pandemic world.

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