Damla Harman
In addition to creating value for companies via diverse finance instruments, financial services industry also enhances the existing “saving culture” through innovative products that encourage the individuals’ participation in finance to plan their future.

Damla Harman

EY in Turkey, Financial Services Leader, Partner

EY Turkey, Financial Services Leader, Partner. Married with one child.

Damla Harman, Financial Services Industry Leader and Partner in Turkey, has nearly 19 years of experience in audit. Damla Harman, who has been serving as a Partner since 2015, also leads the Financial Services Risk Management and Accounting Consultancy department. She is experienced in the areas such as Turkish and International Accounting and Reporting Standards, Uniform Chart of Accounts expertise, ISEDES, Stress Tests, IRB, IFRS 9, IFRS 17, credit allocation and monitoring strategies, Credit Portfolio Models and Process Design, in addition to 19 years of experience in credit risk. She has been involved in audit, internal control, internal audit and management projects of many leading banks, insurance and other financial institutions in Turkey. She has led the teams of the newly established banks in Turkey in regulatory compliance processes. She took part in merger & acquisition transactions for variety of banks, in addition to her work as markets specialist in public offering, bond issuances of banks and financial institutions.

As of 2016, she has actualized IFRS 9 conversion projects for banks in varying sizes; including many of Turkey's leading banks and has still been executing IFRS 17 'Insurance Contracts' standard conversion projects for leading insurance companies in Turkey. She is an active member of the Istanbul Chamber of Public Accountants and advisor for EMEIA capital markets and public offering and acquired license for financial product expertise, banking, insurances and capital market audits. She is graduate of Banking and Insurance major of Marmara University.

How Damla is building a better working world

"As access to banking services becomes easier through technological advances, banks operating in developing countries can possibly expand their list of target customer.
I believe that adopting a financially inclusive strategy has positive impact not only for financial institutions but also for both the national and personal economics.

I highly encourage increasing financial participation on the consumer side; while supporting financial services providers with our teams and services to create difference for their customers in the new ecosystem, created by the digitalization."

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