Consulting Service Delivery

We provide a range of crucial services at the heart of today’s financial services industry across the UK and Europe, from EY in Newcastle.

We're a growing team which means exceptional career opportunities for our people. We offer qualifications to improve your technical skills from Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, Cyber Security and more.

Mike Scoular

Head of Consulting Service Delivery, Newcastle


    Working in Consulting Service Delivery

    We monitor and manage everything from anti‑money laundering to cyber security threats for organisations across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. By combining expert knowledge with the latest technology, we help clients navigate ever‑changing global regulations and the impact they can have on their business.

    • Anti-Money Laundering

      EY Consulting Service Delivery (CSD) collect, analyse and enhance ‘Know Your Customer’ records for Financial Services institutions. This is the information used to prove the identity of an individual or company when they apply for a bank account or enter into a business relationship.

      The work carried out by our CSD teams allows our clients to better assess the level of risk involved with a particular business relationship and make relevant decisions on how to manage the risks accordingly. We work closely with our clients to help identify customer records which do not meet the relevant standards and assist them in bringing these in line with the required expectations. This can also involve assisting our clients with Transaction Monitoring activities, where Financial Services institutions use automated software which is programmed to flag transactions on an account which meet certain criteria e.g. above a threshold limit.

      CSD teams then work to assess these transactions against the, 'Know Your Customer records', to determine whether they are in-line with expectations or whether disclosure to the relevant authorities is required.

    • Suitability Reviews

      The Financial Conduct Authority, who regulate Financial Services firms in the UK, carry out thematic reviews which explore emerging risks or issues across the sector. Recent reviews include investigations into how banks treat customers in financial difficulty, such as those who have fallen into arrears with their mortgage payments (sometimes referred to as secured debts), or loans, credit cards and overdrafts (unsecured debts). Due to the regulator focussing on these issues, our clients require the support of our teams to ensure that they have treat their customers fairly in relation to how they manage these issues.

      Our qualified assessors work to explore a range of suitability issues, including the treatment of customers in financial difficulty as well as reviews of investment and mortgage advice, pensions and regulated complaints handling.

    • Regulatory Remediation

      The Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Conduct Authority have recently reminded financial institutions of their legal obligations. These include providing consumers with full and accurate information on their loan agreements. As a result, financial institutions are conducting assessments and identifying failings. Any failings require them to conduct a redress and remediation programme to reimburse customers. EY Consulting Service Delivery are appointed to deliver these programmes on behalf of various financial institutions.

    • Cyber Security

      Today, IT and data management are such an integral part of our clients’ operations that even the smallest mistake or security breach can have a substantial impact on their reputation and business performance. CSD teams work closely with some of the World’s biggest financial organisations on key IT issues, helping them assess, transform and monitor their risks and controls, either as stand-alone services or alongside our Consulting colleagues.

    • FAIT

      Within the Financial Audit IT (FAIT) team you can expect to work with global clients to understand the IT risks they are currently facing by providing support to EY’s Technology Risk team, helping them to deliver their assurance services. Working closely with our Technology Risk colleagues in Edinburgh, Manchester and London to gather evidence and perform control walk-throughs, you'll also have the occasional visit to client sites. On a day-to-day basis, the team are involved in a variety of tasks from designing and performing tests of IT general controls or IT substantive procedures to address the risks within a clients’ IT processes to testing and evaluating the clients IT change management controls.


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