Assurance Apprenticeship Programme

Help businesses publish reliable financial accounts as you progress towards becoming a chartered accountant.

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    What is Assurance at EY?

    Assurance is reassurance that a business is protected from risks that can affect its reputation or performance. As external auditors we help companies and governments publish accurate financial accounts others can rely on – so we can build a better working world.


    Locations available: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Luton, Newcastle, Reading

    and Southampton.

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    What will you be doing?

    • Getting to know our clients, their businesses and how they work
    • Testing checks and balances to ensure they work how they’re supposed to
    • Analysing the data that goes into a financial statement to make sure it is true and fair
    • You’ll also spend substantial periods of time travelling to other offices and client sites
    • You will be expected to work longer hours during peak times in client delivery work – this is especially the case during busy season when you will need to work over weekends too
    • Are you eligible to apply?

      We operate an open access policy, meaning we don’t screen out applications on your academic performance alone. You will, however, need a minimum of grade 4/C GCSE (or equivalent) in English Language and Maths, and to have completed three A-levels/Five Highers (or equivalent) by the time the programme starts.

      We welcome applications from all academic backgrounds and are looking for individuals who will succeed at EY in the desired role and future qualifications, therefore throughout our recruitment process your academic performance will be considered against your online assessment scores to determine your suitability for an EY role. We are also proud to partner with RARE recruitment, so that your application can be processed in the context of your socio-economic background. This allows us to give you the maximum credit for your achievements, assessing whether you have overachieved in light of your personal circumstances.

      It is therefore important that you provide us with your top three obtained or accurately predicted A-Levels (or equivalent) as these will be verified and considered as part of the offer process should you be successful. Any drop in grades could jeopardise your offer of employment. Read more on our approach here.

    4.5 year programme

    Level 7 Apprenticeship*

    in Accountancy and Taxation (equivalent to a master’s degree)
    *Please note this applies to English office locations only.

    Professional qualifications

    with ICAEW in England, ICAS in Scotland– two of the UK’s most highly regarded chartered accountant qualifications

    Up to £22,000

    Dependent on location, salaries up to £22,000

      How’s it structured?

      First up, an induction will verse you in all things EY and before you know it, you’ll be working in a team on audits for clients (with lots of help, of course!). Along the way, you'll be studying and doing exams so you’ll progress even faster professionally than your university-going friends. By the time you complete the programme you'll not only have qualifications but lots of practical experience and a network of mentors to help you keep on developing. The experience you gain will vary depending on your location as different offices offer different opportunities depending upon their clients.

      Throughout you’ll be part of the EY community and you’ll have a buddy to help guide you. They’ll be your first point of call for practical help and guidance. We also provide coaching so you always have access to impartial advice, opportunities and ongoing advice.

      Starting out in assurance requires dedication, hard work and long hours, but the knowledge and experience you’ll gain will set you on a fulfilling career path.

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      What about the extras?

      Discounted gym memberships, generous pension plans, arts and culture – there are lots of perks to being an apprentice at EY.

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