Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy Apprenticeship Programme

Help companies to stay ahead of the competition whilst you progress towards a professional qualification.

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    I was worried about asking too many questions when I first joined, but everyone has really encouraged me to do so and made me feel so welcome. It's helped me to develop and be confident.


    Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy Apprentice


    Turnaround and Restructring Strategy (TRS)

    Economies are fuelled by competitive organisations who buy, sell, merge or restructure parts of their business with others. Strategy and Transactions help organisations do all that while making more informed decisions and building better strategies.


    In TRS, we advise organisations and other affected parties, when they are underperforming or in distress, on the best course of action. Through independent analysis, we help them either get back on track or go through insolvency procedures like administration or receivership.


    Technology in TRS


    Technological advances have transformed our ways of working. Driven by client expectations of rich, detailed, technology-driven insights, exceptional technical capability and its universal deployment are becoming key EY differentiators. As technology evolves, our uses are changing to keep pace.


    You’ll work with visualisation and analytical tools, automation and artificial intelligence to deliver faster, more insightful client deliverables. Your EY technology experience is limited only by your imagination and your thirst to learn.

    What will you be doing?

    • Solving urgent and important business problems by analysing data and proposing solutions for underperforming businesses
    • Undertaking an arrange of tasks required to manage a company that is going through an insolvency process
    • Assisting with solvent and insolvent processes
    • Are you eligible to apply?

      We operate an open access policy, meaning we don’t screen out applications on your academic performance alone. You will, however, need a minimum of grade 4/C GCSE (or equivalent) in English Language and Maths, and to have completed three A-levels/Five Highers (or equivalent) by the time the programme starts.

      We welcome applications from all academic backgrounds and are looking for individuals who will succeed at EY in the desired role and future qualifications, therefore throughout our recruitment process your academic performance will be considered against your online assessment scores to determine your suitability for an EY role. We are also proud to partner with RARE recruitment, so that your application can be processed in the context of your socio-economic background. This allows us to give you the maximum credit for your achievements, assessing whether you have overachieved in light of your personal circumstances.

      It is therefore important that you provide us with your top three obtained or accurately predicted A-Levels (or equivalent) as these will be verified and considered as part of the offer process should you be successful. Any drop in grades could jeopardise your offer of employment. 

      Read more on our approach.

    Programme length

    4.5 years


    Dependent on location, salaries up to £22,100

    Professional qualifications

    ICAEW in England and ICAS in Scotland

    Level 7 Apprenticeship*

    In Accountancy and Taxation (equivalent to a master’s degree). Learn more here.
    *Please note: Level 7 apprenticeships do not apply to EY offices in Scotland.

      How’s it structured?

      We want you to get as much as you can from this apprenticeship, so after an EY induction, you’ll get straight to work on client projects. You can expect to be contributing to challenging projects, identifying and understanding not only clients’ financial and operational issues, but how their business and industry works too. You’ll build great networks and relationships, learn to make quick, practical decisions and work through problems decisively. As you progress through the programme you’ll get to do all this with more autonomy and responsibility.

      As well as having lots of support from your team and in-house training opportunities, you’ll complete the CFAB qualification and then a full qualification through ICAEW. By the end of the programme you’ll have a lot of experience, a professional qualification and great network to continue building a career from.

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