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From the C-suite to the front line, leaders are navigating uncertain times within a completely new business context. To build and transform a business, organisations need adaptable and capable leaders who support others to thrive.

What EY can do for you

Great leadership is vital to transform a business, but it’s one of the most challenging behaviours to develop. 

We're here to equip today’s leaders with the right tools to navigate complexity and the uncertain future of work. By unlocking the skills, behaviours and mindsets that your leaders need, your business can realise its true performance potential.

Using our latest thought leadership, we design bespoke development programmes that transitions your people from managers through to strategic leaders. 

Developing the skills your leaders need at every level

Research shows that what it takes to be effective at one level of leadership differs dramatically from the next. Leaders need different skills for different levels, rather than a generic, one-size-fits-all approach.

Team leaders

Often promoted based on their individual contribution, our programmes develop team leaders to build and manage a high performing team.

Leaders of leaders

Leaders of multiple teams, functions or divisions often experience tension between short and longer-term goals. Our programmes support them to see the bigger picture.

Strategic leaders

Our programmes develop strategic leaders to drive execution, initiate change, act as inspiring role models and set the strategic direction of your company.

  • Our approach to leadership development

    1. Engage - Success of any leadership development journey starts with engaged learners. Leaders need to understand the purpose of their learning and commit to making a change. They also need to understand where their strengths and development opportunities lie before they can positively improve their performance.
    2. Activate - Problem-centered learning allows leaders to explore a topic and see the links to their own role or performance. From there, our experiential learning methods encourage leaders to discover and experiment with new skills before finally putting them into practice.
    3. Accelerate - Feedback and measurement tools allow leaders to identify their progress and plan for long-term changes in their behavior. With purposeful practice, these new skills and behaviors become automatic, enabling leaders to boost their performance.
    4. Discover & Reflect - Reflection is key to experiential learning and is integrated at each of the above three stages of our performance learning journey. A locker of resources allows leaders to tap into the brain’s natural curiosity and their intrinsic motivation to develop.
  • Our approach to executive coaching

    We focus on driving personal performance and enabling leaders to deliver results today whilst preparing for tomorrow. By putting the individual at the heart of our coaching approach, they receive an easy, practical and engaging experience. We bring new language, ideas and challenges that provoke thinking, and provide the space for personal and organisational development.

    The EY Coaching service covers more than provision of 1:1 and team coaching. Our service bridges the gap between the individual andteam initiative and the organisation’s strategic objectives. Our approach is systemic, data-driven and focused on quality at every point. 

    • Coaching pool 

    Whether being coached as an individual, or as part of a team, our coaching pool provides access to over 150 highly experienced executive coaches. All of our coaches have met a series of quality standards that focus on their capability, experience and commitment to the ethics of coaching. Choose how many sessions are needed, decide what tier of coach to work with and check if your chemistry fits, all managed through our easy-to-use digital coaching platform.

    • Skills development

    Not everyone is a coach, but every one of us can coach. We provide several coaching solutions that develop skills for people to be able to coach effectively across your organisation. All of which are underpinned by our Coaching Skills Framework – an evidence-based view of the skills required to be the best coach possible.

    • The coaching platform 

    Our coaching platform delivers an intuitive user experience for coaches and coachees. Users can input their requirements and will be ‘matched’ to coach profiles that meet their individual and organisation’s needs. The platform delivers intelligent insight, data and themes to enable continuous improvement and data-led planning.  

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